My Contact

If you want to "talk" to me, or have any questions, concerns, or need your curiosity satisfied, here is where you can get answers.
Well, yes and no. ;) I usually reply to comments asap, but if all else fails, I DO have an e-mail address...if you're afraid your comment might be too long (don't underestimate your commenting abilities):
I will reply to any e-mail within four-five business days.
But I may not if I'm currently busy, or out of town, or in a different state, or if I don't like you enough to bother answering your e-mail.

Also, I love getting letters, as long as they're NICE letters, and will always write you replies. However long it might take in getting back to you...
If you're interested in writing me letters (aka, being my pen pal...its a wonderful occupation ^_^) , go ahead and shoot me an e-mail and I'll send you my address.

I always love meeting anyone in person who can make it ALL the way up here to Western Washington, and if you happen to be going by Seattle, let me know and I MIGHT just be able to get you a free night at our house instead of at some stuffy hotel. Warning: you may have to bring sleeping bags. We are a family of there aren't many open beds. ;)


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