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Rain, Leaves, and Giveaway Winners

Well, as promised, you're going to FINALLY learn who the three lucky people are who will walk away from this post with the knowledge that they are going to get a copy of my book in their mailbox (hopefully sometime in October).
But not until later (*evil laugh*)... B-)
Hey! *ducks* No throwing things! It's called building anticipation and it's an actual thing. Don't believe me? Google it. Google never lies.

Ok. So I hereby declare that this is enough introduction...besides, if I don't move on in the post I'm liable to get murdered. Onto the monthly overview. ;) I'll try to be brief.

~ Life ~ This month has been a nice change from unpredictability to moderately predictable. With school back in full swing, life is still busy...but at least now there's some method to our madness.
I've continued helping out at my grandparent's houses, and my job as a nanny is going at a smooth, regular rate.
Besides having our church broken into a week ago and some st…

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