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Introducing "A New Name" (ft. LOTS OF SNIPPETS!!!!!!)

I'm working on something big, guys. Something that has so far been the hardest book for me to write. Something that has been on my mind for a couple years, and is just now making headway.
At only 20,000 words, I know it's too early to be this hyped...but GUYS I love this story so much!!! And I want you all to love it too!! So I decided to give you a little glimpse at what I'm working on.

"A New Name" is a futuristic/dystopia story based on the Biblical book of Daniel. In it, the main character, Danielle (or Ranilla...which she later changes to Ray for reasons you will see) is taken from her home in the Outside and thrust into the godless system of the City. She is joined by Shana, Mishia, and Abendy in her steady and faithful obedience of her Savior. When this faith is forced into the open, she doesn't back down like the Authorities hope, but instead stands firm against all persecution.

Is it perfect? *snorts* Of course not. I mean, come on! When has an autho…

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