My Family

 Mom and Dad:
Dad is the Senior Pastor at Manchester Community Church
Mom is a full time mother and teacher of our homeschool

 Andrew (age 23):
Now graduated from his seminary in Wisconsin, Andrew is finishing an internship in Boston and hopes to move back this way in order to plant churches in the suburbs of Seattle.

Sarah (age 22):
 Now married to the love of her life, Jesse Divakar, she is getting used to only having two people in her new home in Georgia.

Margaret (age 21):
Our resident musician extraordinaire, this young lady has completed her bachelor's degree in music and is currently teaching piano lessons to several families within our area.  

Rebekah (age 19):
Yes, this is me, I'm the fourth born. I am working on writing stories I have begun and never had time to finish, as well as college and my new job as a nanny of two precious girls. :)

Maxwell (age 16):
Our newest high school graduate, Max is probably the most athletic person in our family, closely followed by David. His favorite sport is football, but he'll give anything a try if someone is willing to give him some pointers.

 David (age 15):
This young man is the one who can always bring laughter into our lives with a never ending supply of jokes. But despite his love of fun, he can always be depended on if we need a job done well.

Tabitha (age 13):
After discovering her inner love of creation, she has become one of the best artists in our family. Her current passion is drawing and molding (from clay) characters from the Lord of the Rings series and Star Wars.

Marta (age 12):
She loves spending time romping outside with friends and younger siblings almost as much as she loves burying herself in a good book. Also, the proud owner of an adorable cat named Mouser.

William (age 10):
A young brainiac who knows too much for his own good. As terrible as he is at remembering names and faces, he is surprisingly good at making up his own games and remembering odd facts about birds and anything else that holds his current interest.

 Samuel (age 8):
This boy would gladly spend all day looking at bugs, birds, and interesting plants outside if we let him. Otherwise, he might be found shooting a dart gun or playing a board game with William

Special Thanks to Amber Coolidge for taking these photos! :)


  1. I enjoyed this look at your family, Rebekah. :)

  2. Rebekah! I love that you have a family page on your blog! I would love to do something similar on my blog, but I don't know how to add another section. Is it easy? -Sharon Small

    1. Well, you have to go to layout and add another page. They'll ask for a title to that page, and then you treat it like a regular blog post only under a different tab. Does that make sense? It's a little hard to explain in a comment...

    2. Ok, I think this makes sense, but then I realized that I would have to have pictures of all of my siblings _with_ their families! And I don't have recent pictures of them. :( I guess that should be my next project when we're together! Family gets so complicated when you have to add in-laws, nieces, and nephews!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! I really like them too. It was freezing cold out when we took the pictures...but we survived! ;)

  4. What a great idea! It's amazing what you can tell about one person by looking at their whole family :D

    1. It helps me in my posts because then when I say things like "So-and-so did this or that with me the other day" people aren't like, "WHAT? Who is she talking about??"

  5. Aw, you're siblings are all adorable. XD Especially your littlest brother, Samuel. I love the red hair going on with you guys, it's beautiful. :)

  6. I love this page, and lovely pictures! :D YHVH bless!
    -Angela |

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment and dropping by my little blog!! I hope you were blessed! ^_^ Definitely will be checking out your blog! :)


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