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If you're reading this, you are either a fellow author-at-arms or curious.
For those of you other authors, let me welcome you to this page with a warning: my writing is not in the same level as C. S. Lewis or J. R. R. Tolkien. Don't judge me by their standards because I would fail all tests miserably. However, I'm ever trying to improve, so any help you can offer via comment or e-mail (points to the "My Contact" page) would be GREATLY appreciated. :)
For those of you who merely clicked on this page out of curiosity, I wish to say that I hope you find everything here as interesting as you had hoped it would be. :)
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Published Work(s):
The Silver Flower
Three Scottish siblings, Justin, Duncan, and Mary, set out on an adventure to rescue an elfish kingdom from under the thumb of the king's crafty counselor after the boys find a mysterious warning note on the side of the road. With the help of an old man from their village, a handful of loyal elves, and a magical silver pendant, will they be able to ruin the counselor's plans and set a stronger, better king on the throne?
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The Princess and I: 
When Meg is offered the job as the lady-in-waiting for Princess Christine, nothing could thrill her more! Not only is she immediately transported into the luxurious lifestyle of royalty, but she is given the chance to learn swordsmanship, a skill she has longed to learn. However, life as a fine lady is not all it's cracked up to be. With a war impending, the king and her brother are forced to leave the castle along with many of the other men. Princess Christine, as well as the rest of the kingdom, depend on her to keep the heir to the throne safe. When a traitor makes his appearance, the princess's life is put into jeopardy, Meg realizes that it's up to her to rescue Christine. But she knows she can't do it alone.

Where is it?

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The Princess and I
Finished Work(s):
(These are the books I'm done writing
and in the process of getting published)
Alice & Alyssa
Alice and Alyssa find themselves at their aunt's house all summer, and decide to pass the time by writing a book. What they don't realize is that they accidentally began their story at noon exactly on the first day of July. Because of this, their book comes alive and it is up to them to finish the story in time while the book's plot is taking place.  Otherwise their beloved characters will die. Can they do it? Will their characters survive? What will happen to them all?
Thistle the Dragon/Thistle & Friends
Summery for Thistle the Dragon:
Meet Thistle, a hermit dragon who has only ever wanted to live in himself and his weekly sheep delicacy.
Meet Thomas, a boy who is fascinated by the dragon who seems to be at peace with all but the mountain goats and a weekly sheep from his village.
Meet the village chieftain, a man who thinks that the dragon which lives in a valley behind the mountains that surround his little kingdom hoards treasure beyond what anyone could possibly imagine.
When these three characters collide, an adventure like no other takes place.
Summery for Thistle & Friends:
The two new friends come together again when a dream leaves  both Thomas and Thistle awake and restless in the middle of the night. A cry for help from an unknown source from an unknown place. They realize they can't rescue the person in need by themselves, but thankfully Thistle knows just who to ask for help.
Brier, a distant cousin of Thistle's, a treasure dragon whose dry sense of humor adds spice to the adventure she agrees to go on.
Prickle, a racer dragon who speaks faster than the speed of sound and has a queer habit of running or flying around slower dragons or people in circles.
Bramble, a treasure dragon who speaks slowly and thinks carefully and who has the strange ability to read other dragon's minds and understands them like no others could.
Nettle, a beautiful royal dragon, and a direct descendant of Sharp the Great. She was the adopted sister to Thistle before he became a hermit dragon, and she knows which string to pull in order to get exactly what she wants.
A desperate circumstance, a villain intent on gaining what he wants no matter what it takes, and loyal friendship mix together to create a unique story that will keep you on the edge of your seats.
(I hope. ;)
Stories in Progress:
(these books I'm in middle of writing)
Ocean Mist
Beyond the Galaxy
Out of Darkness
A New Name


  1. Ooohhh, is that going to be the cover for "The Princess and I"?!?!

    1. Not sure yet...I'm still trying to decide whether I want to spend over a hundred dollars on getting it done by a professional. But for now, yes. ;)

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    1. Hey Ashleigh!! ^_^ Thanks for dropping by my little corner of the Internet! Ooo...that looks like a lot of fun! I'll definitely be dropping by! :D

  3. Oooh! These book sound really good.


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