Saturday, May 31, 2014

Update On What I've Been Up To:

Ok, so the last couple of posts have started with excuses...I decided to break the short tradition.
I have been doing a lot of things recently, and have barely managed to not neglect my poor blogging followers. :) Oh, wait, was that an excuse? Scratch that...

Let me fill you in on all I've been doing:

1. Finishing Math: and yes, I FINALLY finished! This school subject is the one that I have most difficulty finishing before summer, and I'm always glad when its finally done. It takes up a lot of time, especially as I've gotten into high school and had more challenging problems to unravel.

2. Working on Music: This also takes up a lot of time, because I'm having recitals for both my main instruments in June. (which is coming a lot quicker than I was thinking it would...) I have to practice piano for at least an hour every day, more on the weeks I do special music for church, and flute requires 40 min. pretty much every day too.

3. House Work: I'm one of ten children...we have lots to do around the house. Since I'm the third oldest girl, with two brother's between me and my younger sisters, I find myself helping out with meal preparation and cleanup, picking up after all those wonderful younger siblings, :P, among other things. Thankfully I have two older sister's who do a lot more house work than I do. Still, sometimes I get overwhelmed and I have to remind myself that God never asks us to do anything impossible, and that all these things I go through now will probably end up helping me when I'm an adult.

4. Stories: Yeah, this is towards the end of the list because I don't spend nearly as much time writing as I want to. Maybe now that it's almost summer... I do hope to finish self-publishing my book: "The Search for the Lost Dinosaur Bone", but my sister, Sarah, has to finish editing it. I've got dozens more books that I hope to at least finish typing out on our computer, but with all the idea's swarming in my brain, it's hard to collect any of them long enough to capture them and write them on paper in any sort of logical order.

5. Summer Activities: YAY! Summer fun has almost begun!! Starting last Monday with our church's annual Memorial Day Picnic, our family has groups from our church over for playtime and fellowship on Sunday Night Volleyball & S'mores, and Tuesday Field & Fellowship. These are fun times for me especially because it means I get to see my friends a lot more.
Also we have coming up our church's VBS, and a Family Retreat to Penial Ranch. I was elected the official photographer for the retreat and I can tell you right now that I'm VERY EXCITED!!!!

Well, long post short, I hope you can get a glimpse of my hectic life right now, and be able to appreciate the long hours I put into telling you about it. (Just Kidding... :P)

So...What have you been up to?

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Family Vacation: Cannon Beach, OR

Well, needless to say, our family has been going through an especially crazy time of busyness. We had a lot of deadlines to make and events to go to. Mom and Dad decided to bless our family with a much-needed vacation, and we went to one of our favorite places...Cannon Beach, Oregon.
Haystack Rock: a well-known landmark of Cannon Beach

We had a great time simply relaxing. This included a lot of playtime at the beach, (it was VERY windy),

shopping around the town, and visiting the Tillamook Cheese Factory (home of our family's favorite cheese. :)

Tillamook icecream is delicious! :)

God blessed us with beautiful weather while we were there,
and a wonderful time with each other. I was constantly reminded how grateful I should be for each and every one of my family. I love them all SO MUCH!! Hope you enjoyed the pictures! :)

Saturday, May 17, 2014


Just for fun I thought I'd post a couple pictures that made me laugh...and maybe make you laugh as well! :D

 Sam (my youngest sibling age 5) = goofball

Don't they look so cute?? :)

I think he's trying to say something important...but I can't remember what it was...

Sarah and Margaret, my older sisters, laughing at one of my Dad's many jokes. :P

Can you tell we stayed up past our bedtime? :P

Don't worry, this photo was staged. Madison (on the left) isn't really going to hit my younger brother David... :)

Another younger brother (Maxwell, age 13) goofing off with some of the boys from our church on a family retreat. :)

This is a picture of Maxwell laughing about something, I can't remember what, at his 13-year-old b-day party. :)

William is all dressed up in his knight armor. :P

Believe me, I could come up with more, but I think these will have to do. Hope you enjoyed these pictures as much as I did! :D

By the way, if you are confused about who's who in these pictures, I added a new page to my blog called "My Family" and there will be pictures and descriptions of all my family members for your enjoyment. :)

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Q&A w/ Rebekah Eddy: Session #5

Doesn't it look so peaceful?
Well, I thought that I might take a short brake from Q&A sessions after this one, so enjoy it! :)
It's almost summer! I'm SO GLAD!! As are you I'm sure. :) In celebration, I thought I would ask a couple school questions:

What's your favorite school subject? Why?
Do you ever miss school?
Which grade are you in?
What year will you be graduating?
What are you planning on doing after you're graduated?

Well, I have to say that I have two favorite school subjects...reading and writing. They're my favorite because I enjoy doing them. (Is that a good enough reason?)
No, I have to say, I never miss school...well, maybe by the end of summer...a little bit...
I'm in a lot of grades...(I'm homeschooled. :P), but the average grade I'm in is 11th. :)
I'll be graduating in 2016 most likely, but there's a slim possibility of my graduating in 2017.
I'll probably end up helping Mom homeschool the other kids, and work on my stories A LOT! :D

Have fun answering! :D

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Q&A w/ Rebekah Eddy: Session #4

Trees, trees,...and yet more trees!
Yay! Back at long last! Our family went to the annual Christian Heritage Homeschool Conference last weekend, so I had no time to post...sorry. But I'm back!
I have some new followers, and I just want to tell you right now...WELCOME!!! And have fun answering my questions! :)

What country/state do you live in?
How many siblings do you have?
What's your favorite thing to do during the summer?
Do you like to travel?
If so, where have you always wanted to go?
And what is your favorite place you have gone before?

I live in Western Washington.
I have nine (Andrew, Sarah, Margaret, [Me], Maxwell, David, Tabitha, Marta, William, & Samuel).
I enjoy having church family over to play volleyball and roast marshmallows on Sunday nights.
I like traveling sometimes.
I've always wanted to go to the British Isles (England and Scotland mostly).
I really loved going to Ethiopia with Dad, but I also like going to Cannon Beach WA with my family.

I look forward to your answers! :D

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