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Hey there! Welcome to my poetry page! I thought I should probably warn you (before you read my poetry) that I'm not very good. I only write poems as a way to express some of my deeper feelings. Don't expect a lot of kicks and giggles while reading through...but hopefully you will find my work encouraging. :)
I put down my personal favorites from the last couple years in order (more or less) of when I wrote them. The older ones are first and the newer ones are later. I will continue adding poems as I publish them on this blog and post them at the bottom. For now. When I have more time I'll switch the order so the more recent ones are at the top. I'm not that organized yet. Give me time! Sheesh.


Anyways...I hope you enjoy the following poems as much as I enjoyed penning them. :)

Christmas Morning (Christmas 2014)


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