Saturday, April 30, 2016

Three Girls and Three Wishes

I'm just full of weird blog titles right now, aren't I?? ;) Ahem.
Yes, this is another poem. No, you can't sue me for using bad rhythm or rhymes. Close your eyes, grit your teeth, and leave a scathing critique comment after reading it if you want...but no suing. I draw the line there.
Those of you who aren't poetry Nazis can feel free to simply read on and enjoy. ^_^ (But you can still comment of course...I LOVE COMMENTS!!!)

This poem was based off a joke I heard several years the idea is not original. However, its never been written in verse before, so I can call it at least a little original. ;) It's the first time I've taken prose and changed it into verse. Also, its a lighter subject than I usually use since I really only wrote this one for fun.
Tell me what you think!

I call this guessed it...

Three Girls and Three Wishes:

Once a long, long time ago...
Or was it yesterday?
Three damsels went far to a place
To change their destiny.

One had hair of darkest brown,
The second, reddest red.
The third had long and yellow curls
Hung from her golden head.

They took a quest to forest black
Where a pool hid.
Long though the journey was,
Take it they all did.

For this pool was magical
And this these girls knew well:
They'd shout and jump in, then the waves
Became what they would yell.

When found at last, around they stood,
Transfixed upon the spot
Beside the pool's dark mystery,
Surprised by what they sought.

The boldest one stepped closer still
With hair of reddest red
She jumped in with a mighty shout,
"MONEY!" the word she said.

And so instead of water soft
To catch her from the air,
Cold, hard coins and paper bills
Broke her neck without a care.

So instead of living well,
Those coins and bills did pay
For all the surgeries she had
To make her neck ok.

The second girl, with dark brown hair
Made note of what took place.
She thought of her word carefully,
Then jumped in with grace.

"LOVE!" she shouted as she fell
And lots of love she got,
Swimming in it, happy, free
Nor did it ever stop.

The last young girl with golden locks
Stood silent and afraid.
She had chosen her own word,
But on the ground she stayed.

Is it right and will it work?
She didn't really know,
But finally, she made her choice
And swallowed back her woe.

With a running start she jumped...
But wait...what do we see?
Her left foot caught right on a root

With a grimace full of pain,
She held on to her toe.
"Oh, RATS!" came the angry cry before
She disappeared below.

If you don't get the joke, don't ask me to explain...just enjoy it as a story. Those of you who DO get it...BRAVO!! Hope you enjoyed several laughs and grins from reading it. (But no, I'm not a huge fan of dumb blonde jokes...this is the only one I like. Don't plague me with ANY more. Please.)


  1. Haha, how DO you come up with such funny poems, Rebekah? ;) I enjoyed every bit of it :D

    1. A miracle. ;) Actually not. Like I said, it was based on a that helped. :) Thanks for enjoying it! ^_^ *gives a sweeping bow*

  2. I'm...not sure I get the joke. ;) But it's so hilarious!! :D Thanks for sharing, Rebekah!

    1. READ IT AGAIN. Slowly. Now do you get it?? If you think it's hilarious, that's a start. ;P You're welcome anyhow. :)


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