Thursday, April 14, 2016

*Drum Roll* The Liebester Award!

I was tagged for the Liebester Award by Faith P. from Stories by Firefly. The minute I read her post, I was like "Oh, yeah, I'm TOTALLY doing this!!" I mean, who cares how many times the Liebester award makes it around your blogging circle and you end up being tagged again? It's always fun to answer questions.
No, seriously.
I was being serious about that.
Yes, I like answering the questions....

Ok. Here's the rules.
Link back to the person who tagged you.
Answer their 11 questions.
Tag 11 bloggers.
Ask them 11 questions.
Let them know you've tagged them.
Here's her questions she asked me, and my answers:
1. What is your personality type? 
ESFP. And proud of it!
Here's a few quotes to prove I'm awesome. ^_^

Yes, I have the same personality as Pippen from "Lord of the Rings". Be jealous. ;)

Except for the fact that he's
warm and cuddly,
we share a lot in common! ^_^
It's true. ;)
My friends know this
part of me only too well.
No explanation needed. :P
Yep. *satisfied sigh* There's me in a nut-shell. :)
2. What part of writing a blog post takes the longest for you? (Ex. In my case, it takes me longer to find/stick in links and pictures than to actually write the post.) 
Links. Definitely links. And then telling everyone that you tagged them. That takes FOREVER. Ok, not literally...but you get my drift. ;)
3. Would you rather smell fresh-cut grass or campfire smoke? 
Can I say both? Oh bother. I'll go with camfire smoke then...that is, until you get smoke in your eyes...which is never fun. Fresh cut grass then? *throws hands up in despair and walks away*

*Comes back with a resigned look on face* Never mind, I have to answer the rest of the questions.
4. What's the last song you listened to? (And did you like it?) 
The last song I listened to was the Studio C theme song. And yes, I like it. :) But before that I was listening to movie soundtrack music while writing out Psalms. I can't remember what the name was but I think it was called something like...never mind, it's gone. *shrug*
5. What's the last movie you watched? (And did you like it?)
I'm currently watching the audio commentary of "The Lord of the Rings" with my younger brother Max for the first time! Just finished the first two DVDs and looking forward to more!! :)
6. What's the last book you finished? (And did you like it?) 
 I just finished reading "Evidence Not Seen", story about a missionary wife in Papua New Guinea right before and during WWII. A fascinating and well written book by the amazing woman who lived through it. I HIGHLY recommend it for everyone!! So yes, I liked it. :)
7. Do you have a reading goal for this year? 
Not really. I probably should...but I don't really. I'm kind of trying to read 100 books this year, but who knows if I'll be able to do it or not. You know, graduating and working up a bunch of songs to preform in a senior recital does not help one have enough time to read and write. *sigh* I speak from experience on that one.
8. Would you rather use a pen or a pencil? If you chose pen, what color of ink? 
A pencil. Because I'm KNOWN for my terrible spelling and one can't erase pen. But I like using gel pens for letters. Those of you who are pen pals know that. B-)
9. What's your favorite historical time period? 
Probably Medieval...although I find a lot of different time periods amazing to read about.
10. Describe yourself in one sentence. (It's almost a question.) 
I'm a random, cheerful extrovert who loves her family and her Savior with all her heart, soul and mind...oh, and her books. ^_^
11. Do you enjoy tags? (Or are you only filling this out because you feel obligated? B-)) 
I LOVE TAGS!!! Yes, I really do! It's fun to answer all the questions...truly!

Now, after searching my blogs I follow, I scrounged up some people to tag that haven't already been tagged by certain *cough, cough* guilty parties. *pointed stare* Annnnnd here they are:


>>Sarah and Margaret Eddy (yes, they're sisters) from Preparing for the Ultimate Career
>>Jonathan from The Second Brother
>>Addyson from I Am Addyson
>>Twenty Cappacionos and a Cat from Slightly Decafinated Ramblings about Stupid People (his blog is better than it me on that one. :)
>>Aiden Bender from The Story Forger

And here are the questions they have to answer: (Mwhahahaha... }:)

1: What inspires you most in your writing and/or blogging?
2: What's your biggest pet peeve?
3: Who has had the biggest impact on your life?
4: What's the earliest memory you have?
5: Unicorns or Pegasi?
6: Hamburgers or hot dogs?
7: Do you think eagles, falcons, or hawks are more cool?
8: Scotland or Ireland?
9: Dragons or griffins?
10: Sushi or oatmeal?
11: Are you a Morning Bird or a Night Owl?

Ok, so there you have it. Hope you enjoyed reading my answers...check out the other blogs I tagged to read their honest answers to my completely random questions. :P
(Sorry all you who were tagged by me...I have trouble coming up with good questions on the spot like that...forgive my randomness. If you can.)


  1. Fun to read! You know what, your personality sounds a lot like mine. I've never really done the personality test, but I'd say from the descriptions, it's pretty close. :)

    And I agree, "Evidence Not Seen" is really good. Have you ever heard her tell the story?

    1. Thanks! Yeah, it'd be interesting to see what your personality is! :)
      Not from her personally, but she did write the book herself, so I guess it's kind of like hearing the story from her. Have you?

    2. Well, we had a video of her sitting in a rocking chair telling the story. Pretty incredible!

    3. Wow. I'd love to see that! :O

  2. This was so much fun to read through! Faith asked some really good questions! I LOVE all the pictures you found for your personality. It's true, life would be so boring without you and Emily. B-) But you are both so much fun! ;)

    Oh, isn't "Evidence not Seen" awesome?!??! I had to read it for our youth group study group a couple years ago, and I've loved it ever since! It's one of my favorite books, but it's so sad. Everything so goes to is just. . .yeah. But at the same time it's really good! I love hos she stresses the point that even though all that hardship, God was there. And He had a reason. Her faith inspires me!

    1. Glad you admitted it. B-)
      Yes, I finally read it after it being on my to-read list for quite a while and found it a treasure. :) Now it's on my to-buy-and-keep-forever list. ^_^

  3. I thought it sounded pretty good.

  4. Fun! :) Question (that may be considered stupid...): What is the Liebester or Liebster Award? What does Liebster mean?
    On another note, 100 books in a year?? I'm lucky if I read 2 or 3! Haha. I should get reading...

    1. It means absolutely nothing. ;) Really, I've been blogging for almost three years, and I STILL don't exactly know what a Liebester Award is. I think the idea behind it was to help introduce lesser known blogs to the people who followed your blog. Or something like that. But I can't be certain. :)
      One moment...*goggles the word 'Leibester'* Yeah, it's basically that. Let's those of you who read your blog know about other blogs that you like. could just answer the questions and not bother about tagging other people's blogs. Whichever way is more easy or fun for you! ^_^

    2. "Liebster" in German means "sweetest, kindest, nicest, etc." I googled it the first time I was tagged too. I'm like, what am I even tagged FOR?

  5. I really enjoyed reading your answers, Rebekah!! :D
    Links – yes. SAME HERE!
    "Evidence Not Seen" is a book I really, really want to read! It sounds amazing! Glad to hear it truly is a good book. ;)
    I love tags too!! ^_^ Such fun!

    Thanks for doing this, Rebekah! :)

  6. I enjoyed reading these! I agree, you can never be tagged too many times because each time the questions are new!

  7. Your answers to the questions were very entertaining to read! :) Thanks for sharing!


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