Monday, April 18, 2016

Shakespearian Pigs?

I know, what sort of a title is that?? Well, when you watch the awesome video below, you'll understand. ;) This treasure was found by my older sister Margaret and when she showed it to me I was like "Oh my goodness! I totally need to post this on my blog!!" and so I did. (Wasn't that sweet of me to think of you?? :P)
Have fun watching!

See? Now...what did you think?


  1. Speaking of tags...oh, you weren't? Never mind then.

  2. I remember matching this a loongggg time ago, but I had forgotten how it ended ;)
    Thanks so much for posting and sharing it with us! It made me laugh, and boy howdy, I really like that third pig. Defiantly made America proud. B-)


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