Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Pet Peeve Post

Awesome alliteration, no? That like never happens to me, so I'm going to enjoy the moment...

Ok, moment over. Now onto the reason I wrote this post.

A random thought surfaced in my mind a couple days ago and I decided to put it into action. A rare occurrence indeed since I usually forget my random thoughts a few moments after I have them. And it's a good thing for you that they do! Believe me on that one...
However, this one was so fun, I didn't forget it. I made it into a blog post instead for your enjoyment (hopefully).

I'm going to give you some of my pet peeves. And then you're going to tell me how much you agree with me. Got it?? ;)

Here they are...in no particular order except that this was how they came into my mind and therefore how I wrote them down:

1. Stereo-types. Or, more specifically, people who put other people in stereotypical boxes. God created each of us differently. Each is unique in his/her own way. Even people with the EXACT same personality still don't have everything in common. Trust me on that one. I speak from experience. :)
Like big family stereo-types. As one example.
As another example, you know those people who think PKs should be perfect? Newflash!:  We're not. I will say no more.
Legolas from "Lord of the Rings"
2. Characters in movies that never run out of arrows or bullets. This elf had about ten arrows when he began this war...I'm being generous there...and by the end he's killed almost fifty orcs? With more arrows left in his quiver??
Then there's those cowboys with magical guns that never run out of bullets. He's shot twenty-three bullets now...I've been counting...and he's still going strong. Will he EVER run out??
Yeah, there's a reason I prefer swordfights. But even then...

Scene from Disney's "Robin Hood"
3. Sword fights where practically everything is broken...or turned over if it can't get broken. Seriously, it's like they're TRYING to break/cut/knock over all the things in the room they're fighting. There goes the candle...and the table gets knocked over...saw that one coming. Ah, yes...of course. All three vases and the two lamps go crashing to the floor. *rolls eyes*

4. Love triangles. WHY DO AUTHORS HAVE TO SPOIL PERFECTLY GOOD PLOTS WITH LOVE TRIANGLES????? I tell you what...my books are never going to have love triangles in them!!

5. Perfect characters. *cough, cough* theElsieDinsmoorseries *cough, cough* When someone's worst sin is not going to church ONE Sunday...and only because they were being forced against their will to not go...they should not be written about. My personal opinion is that characters should be written about so that we, meaning the readers, can learn from their mistakes. We can't if they don't make any. Character's should be a good representation of real people. And ALL people make mistakes. But they can also learn and apply.
6. When Bible verses are taken out of context. This irritates me to no end. And I'm usually a pretty easy-going person. But when people take God's word out of context and try to make it mean something other than what it was meant to mean...that gets me mad. I could go on and on about this, but I will refrain myself. ;)

7. "White lies". People, there is NO such thing as a "white lie". All lies are bad. There are times, I believe, when being too straight-forward and blunt is not advisable to say the least. The truth should be spoken in love.

8. Women super heroes. Be honest, there are NO good women super heroes. They just can't hold a candle to the guy super heroes. Sorry ladies, but it's true. Besides which, they're usually immodest. Another pet peeve of mine that will not be mentioned in this post because I could go on and on about it...like forever. Women super heroes were really only created to appease feminists. Which brings me to my next pet peeve...

9. Feminists. Yes, I believe women should be feminine...don't get me wrong. Women should act, dress, and look like the ladies God created them to be...which is partially why feminists make no sense to me.
They get jobs instead of staying home with their kids (if they even have any), they push their agenda by forcing movies to make characters for women villains, women super heroes, single moms, women spies, and women soldiers...and then on top of all that, they claim the right to kill their own babies. Why?
Well, the only answer I could come up with was that we live in a fallen world and that people are sinners by nature. That's the sad fact.

I just realized I put feminists into a stereo-typical box. *groans and does a face-palm*
Ok, so there are probably some feminists out there that are great people. Maybe even some Christian ones...though that sounds like an oxymoron.

10. Auto-correct. So sometimes this function is actually helpful. But other times...grrr. Either it fixes words you don't want fixed, or it doesn't fix words you DO want fixed! (Like 'fir' instead of 'for' and 'us' instead of 'is'.)
I'm sure EVERYONE has dealt with this one at some point during their blogging. Especially those of you who post or comment on other's posts with wireless electronic devices. You know who you are... B-)

This is my opinion on all of the above subjects. ;)
Explanation: This picture was taken while dissecting a frog for Biology. My brother, ever the selfie expert, took the picture. (Actually, he doesn't really take selfies. I was joking about that.)

What did you think?
Should I do another Pet Peeve Post?
(I've got LOT'S more pet peeves up my sleeves...hey look, that even kind of rhymed!)
Do you want to make your own Pet Peeve Post? (You know you do...) If you do I'll pay your post a visit and comment. That's a promise!
Which pet peeve(s) do you share in common with me?


  1. XD noooooooo not love triangles. Ugh, blech, can't stand those things.
    And stereotypes. Ugh. Perfect characters?

    nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo no no no no no not perfect characters

    Wait, comment with mobile devices? *glances around room nervously* Not me, uh-uh. Never. *shakes head* :P

    1. Yeah, I know, right? Blech is exactly what I say. :)
      And that goes for perfect characters too.
      Like I said, you know who you are. B-)

  2. Okay, I will warn you right now, this is going to be a lonnggg comment. . . ;)

    I totally agree with the first one! The 2nd one I almost agree with. ;) I mean, I totally get the arrow thing. That seems to happen all the time! The bullets. . .I've never watched a movie where the guy doesn't reload his gun halfway through, so *shrugs* The same thing with the swords fights. In most movies I've watched, they're not trying to break everything, just get the bad guy. I think it must depend on what movies you're talking about. I haven't watched too many sword-fighting ones!
    Totally agree with the 4th one!! I hate the fact that someone's heart always ends up broken. People, God didn't design it to happen that way!!
    I agree with you on the 5th one as well. :) However, I do know that a lot of literature written in the same time period as the Elsie Dinsmore series was written this way, like, the characters seem too perfect. I think that's just the way the literature was. And I think it is possible to learn lessons from even a "perfect" character.
    THE 6TH ONE!! OH YES,YES,YES! I hate it so much when people do this! Don't even get me started on this one. I could go on about it forever. ;P
    I agree with you on the 7th and 8th as well. Lies are always wrong, and girl super heroes are just weird. :P
    The 9th one I agree with, but I don't think it's wrong for women to work outside the home as long as they are unmarried and have no children. I know many people who are young and unmarried, and they serve the Lord by doing what he has called them to do. Sometimes it's by serving others in a medical capacity, other times perhaps it is teaching or helping out where there's a need. And I think women spies can be okay. . .they shouldn't be the norm, but I don't personally think it is wrong. And soldiers as well. I don't believe there is anywhere that God in His word actually forbids it. Unless they're married, of course! Then I would definitely say it is wrong, because their time should be spent with their families and husbands, as God commands. Outside of marriage the only time I think it is wrong is if they are doing it out of rebellion, or to show that they are "as good as the guys". That's always wrong!
    And of course abortion is never, never right, no matter the circumstances!

    Whew. Almost done! I did warn you that this would be a long comment. ;)

    And. . .I agree on the last one! Sometimes spell check can be a help, but a lot of the time it is BEYOND ANNOYING!

    I really enjoyed reading through the post. :) And yes, I'd love it if you did another one. ;) (I promise if you do a 2nd one,I will try to keep my comment shorter.;))

    1. Whew! That was a long comment! :P I liked it though. Thanks for taking the time to make it! ^_^ I ALWAYS like reading what other people's opinions are. And I know not everyone will agree with everything...but that's ok. I'm not one of those people who MAKE people agree with them. ;) I mean, I like it when they do, but it's not that big of a deal.
      I will make another post, by popular demand, so keep an eye peeled for "Pet Peeve Post 2"! :D

    2. Yeah.. I didn't realize how long it was until you moderated it. Sorry! You just brought up some really interesting topics. ;)
      Oh, yay! I'm looking forward to it!! :D

  3. I totally agree about Elsie Dinsmore. How can one girl be sooooo perfect.
    And you are absolutely right about white lies.

    1. I think a lot of people don't like the Elsie Dinsmoor series for that reason. :) And really, who can blame us??
      Don't you just hate it when people are like: "Oh, it was ONLY a LITTLE white lie..."

  4. I had to laugh. I did, really. Some of those are my own pet peeves, but not all unless I really stop to think about it. Hmm, should I stop and think? . . . Nope.

    Here is one pet peeve of mine that drives me absolutely crazy! It's when people write "alright" instead of "all right." It's two separate words people! Okay, okay, I'll get off my soapbox before I break it stamping my foot. :)

    Anyway, fun post, Rebekah. :)

    1. You might end up with a comment like Jesseca's! :P Just kidding. Actually, I find it kind of fun to read rants. :) Besides, pet peeves are fun to write about too.
      Oh dear. *gulp* I'm afraid I'm guilty of that one. I've been working on changing my habit though, no worries!! ^_^
      Thanks for the comment! Glad you enjoyed!

    2. Well, if I can help just one person escape the evil clutches of "alright," then the splinters from stamping on that rough soapbox will be worth it. ;)

  5. Haha, I loved this post! :D And yes, you should do another one!!! :) I think I'll do a pet peeve post too... :)

    1. Glad you like! ^_^ I will do another one...I've already been working on writing down a few more of my pet peeves before this was posted...you know, just in case. ;)
      Hey cool! I don't think I have your blog address though...would you mind giving the link to me so I can check it out?? You don't have to if you don't want to. :)

    2. It's actually not my blog... I'm supposed to be helping a friend out on hers, but really she's just letting me post. :P it's prairiegalcookin.com
      Don't be surprised if you go to check it out and it it's not posted yet... :P

    3. Thanks! I'll definitely be watching out for your post. ^_^

    4. Well… turns out I probably won't post it… I won't go into all the details why. ;) But hopefully when I get my own blog...

    5. Oo, oo, oo! Start your own blog!! :D I'll make people come and follow you. ;)

  6. I'm just going to go down the line...
    1. Yes. Agree. And as far as perfect PKs, the only one you'll ever meet is leaving this comment. *dripping with sarcasm. Pleeeease realize that* :)
    2. This drives me simply insane! Particularly with Legolas and I was just thinking that about him just the other day. Ironic. lol
    3. Do they REALLY need to destroy the entire room? COME ON!
    4. Yuck. Need I say more?
    5. There is no such thing as a perfect human (except PKs, right?) so why have a perfect character. Drives. Me. Nuts.
    6. You totally sound like a PK in this one. I totally feel the same. Got it from my Dad. :P
    7. Agree.
    8. Agree.
    9. I don't get it at all. I mean, because women have to push and push and push now even females who don't want to have to go to war can be drafted. It's so messed up!
    10. I have sent so many texts and comments that have to be fixed that I want to turn off auto-correct. Grrrrrr.

    I really enjoyed this post! I'd enjoy another! I may or may not do a pet peeve post. Many of them would be similar. I'll have to see!

    1. Thanks for giving me YOUR opinion on the above pet peeves of mine. :) I liked reading your comment.
      Yes, I think I'll probably do another one towards the end of this month. Glad you liked! Thanks for commenting!

  7. This was a really fun post to read, Rebekah! :)
    Oh, it drives me crazy in movies where everything gets destroyed! Especially in super hero movies when the whole town gets ruined!
    Perfect character are kind of annoying. Nobody's perfect. I've never read the older Elsie books, but I have read the newer, adapted ones. I like them, but it is a little annoying that Elsie is so perfect.
    I would enjoy reading another one of these posts!

    1. Thanks for the comment! I'm glad you enjoyed reading my post! :)

  8. Nice post, Rebekah! I just found your blog through Jonathan Trout and I thought this was a really interesting read. I agree with most of your pet peeves here, arrows and bullets should logically run out, love triangles almost never work out well, Bible verses should NEVER be taken out of context and perfect characters are...well, annoying. :P
    If it's totally alright by you I'd like to present my different viewpoints on numbers 8 and 9? I don't mean for any of it to be offensive in any way and hopefully it's okay if I leave some of my more contrary thoughts here for people to stew on?
    So number 8, I kind of totally disagree just cause there are some pretty fantastic superhero women (I think anyway). I'm a bit of a Marvel nerd, though by no means an aficionado, and many of my favorite characters are the girls. Take Jean Gray from X-Men, she possesses immense telekinetic and telepathic power on par or even greater than that of Professor X. Then there's Scarlet Witch, also from X-Men, who can tap into mystic energy for reality-altering effects, so she can basically manipulate reality. I haven't come across any guy superheroes with the kind of power these two possess. :P
    Plus, there's so many others, Storm who controls the weather, Mystique the shape-shifter, Rogue who sucks away the powers of other mutants, Emma Frost who has great telepathic powers and the ability to turn into a diamond, Zatanna who can basically do anything as long as she speaks it backwards, Kitty Pryde who can "phase" through objects, and many others. Even Black Widow, who may not have any true "powers", I enjoy a lot as a character because she goes toe-to-toe with those who are much stronger than she is and is willing to fight on the side of good, despite her murky and oh-so-interesting past. There are lots of similar female characters that are also admirable in that, like Sharon Carter and Peggy Carter and Maria Hill.
    Anyways, I know that was super long and nerdy, but I just think that there are some pretty epic females AND males both in the comic world and I feel like they can all be enjoyed by females and males alike. I do agree with you about the immodesty thing, that's pretty annoying and pretty bad in the comics especially. The movies aren't as bad in comparison at least.
    And as for number nine, I do understand that you're referring to radical feminists here, and yeah, I totally agree. Some people take the ideology way too far, as anyone can do with anything I suppose. It's a shame really, because there are elements of it, as far as I understand from like-minded people anyways, that are far from sinful or un-Biblical. At least that's what I believe.
    I think at the heart of it feminism should be simply about equality and freedom, and not equality as in "I can do whatever that guy can do" cause no, we girls aren't often able to do all that a guy can do. But living in a free world and a free country I think enables us as women and men to pursue our passions and desires in any capacity. Of course we need to be responsible to each other. We should also respect that, especially in the family unit, we each have roles, but we should be careful not to close ourselves into little boxes. I don't think that's what God wants since he made us all diverse, as individuals and groups. That's what makes us interesting, kind of like characters in a book even, haha!
    In any case, this is a super long comment and I'm sorry for that, I wasn't meaning to get on a whole big spiel and I hope you don't mind.
    I'm one of those Christian feminists you mentioned above, in a sense. I don't fully identify with the entire ideology but there are certain elements I can agree with. So yeah, I guess that must make me one. :P
    Anyway, now I'm just rambling a lot, this was a really cool idea for a post, especially when relating it to writing, perhaps I'll steal it one day if that's alright by you? :)

    1. I enjoyed reading your opinions! Every one is entitled to different ones...I'm not offended in the least! :)
      Thanks for sharing! I realized AFTER I posted...isn't it annoying that you find all your mistakes AFTER posting things?...that I came across as really harsh and judgmental towards the feminists. Sorry about that. *guilty smile*
      I agree with your version of feminism...namely that "feminism should be simply about equality and freedom" I'm totally with you there sister! ;)
      I like the fact that we have the option to vote (not that we WANT to vote...considering our current options. *rolls eyes*) and to choose what kind of life we want to live, and like Jesseca commented, I think if a young lady is single she should by all means help out her family in any way she can...and if this means getting a job away from home, well *shrug* she should do so.
      As to your other disagreement, I have to admit, I have only seen pictures of women super heroes... so that may be why I have a prejudice against them. :) After watching a few movies with women super heroes in them, we'll see if I change my mind. ;P
      Thanks again for the comment, and I hope you stick around! ^_^

    2. That's good! I'm glad I didn't ruffle any feathers. *phew* I'm always afraid of that when talking about controversial things, especially over the internet.
      Don't worry about it, there are definitely some feminists who deserve a little criticism. There are some pretty weird and ungodly people out there.
      Yes, the right to vote and live how we want just like men, just like, well, people who live in a free country, is a right for both women and men. I'm not American (I'm Canadian actually) but yeah, you guys have some pretty sad options for president I must admit. :P We've got Justin Trudeau though, so we're in the same boat. XD
      Anyways, politics aside, yes, definitely check out some Marvel or DC movies and tell me what you think of the girls. Unfortunately they don't have many girls in the films so far and they are often not as cool as the comics, but I still find them super interesting.
      I shall do just that and you're very welcome!

  9. *nods approvingly through the entire post* I feel you, Rebekah. ;)
    Stereotypes are soooo annoying. My brother quite often tries to 'categorize' people like that. I get so annoyed. : 3
    5# and 6# – YEEEESSSSS!!!!!!! Ack. ;)
    10# made me laugh. ;) Autocorrect is super aggravating sometimes. >_<

    I loved the post, Rebekah!! :) I'd love to see more!

    1. I think a lot of PKs especially feel strongly about number 6. Our dads have done a good job cementing correct theology in our heads. ;)
      Glad you liked! ^_^

  10. I'm a pet peeve fanatic, and my sisters think I'm a nut.... so please do more!!!


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