Monday, May 25, 2015

In Memory

Sorry...I know you're still looking forward to my posting the contest winners, but I really wanted to take time to honor those who gave their life in battle today. (Don't worry too much though, I will be posting winners SOON!! ;P) After all, it IS Memorial Day.
The following poem I wrote in ten minutes. (I timed myself just for fun. ;) And I thought I could share it with you all. I don't write a lot of poetry, but sometimes it's the easiest way to express some of my more serious thoughts. So without further ado I give you:

From Google

In Honor:

This day we take to honor
those who answer freedom’s cry,
Those nameless thousands over sea
who for our lives did die.
Greater love has no one
than laying down his life,
For those he loves the most,
his children, friends, and wife.
Those wives who now are widows,
those kids who lost their dad.
Those ones who lost a brother
and friends that they once had.
Jesus did the same thing,
when he came down to earth,
Becoming man while still our God
through his humble birth.
He also gave His precious life
and saved the human race,
By giving us a chance to live
 and one day see His face.
Those ones across the ocean,
those ones across the sea,
They show what Jesus gave
when he died for you and me.
~Rebekah Eddy, PK
From Google
Have a wonderful Memorial Day! Remember to pray for our country and it's leaders! God bless!


  1. Very powerful, thank you for sharing. We need to remember the cost of our freedom, both eternal and on this earth, because otherwise, we won't value it. And we will lose it.

  2. Very nice poem Rebekah - and in only 10 minutes?! Thanks for the Memorial Day reminders.

  3. Sorry I meant poem. As in singular.

  4. Loved the poem, it's such a great reminder! Thanks for posting!!

  5. You are all very welcome! Thanks for the comments! I will be back soon...

  6. Great job, Rebekah! I love the comparison!
    Oh, and I have to ask- What does PK stand for? I have a guess but I'm not sure.:D

    1. Pastor's Kid. I could have put down PD (Pastor's Daughter) but I decided against it... ;P

    2. I knew it!!!!! I, too, am a PK!
      A couple years ago our youth group was looking over Christmases plays. Deciding which ones had enough parts, best fit us, etc. Anyway one of them was about a preacher's family and in the beginning the pastor's son introduces himself as a PK. We laughed SO hard about that!


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