Friday, May 29, 2015

At LONG Last...

I am SO, SO, SO sorry for not posting sooner! I feel so bad for keeping you in suspense this long. I've got a couple really good excuses though. :P
1: Our schedule got like REALLY busy all of a sudden...
2: Then I got sick with a weird kind of flu...
3: And lastly, our computer temporarily broke down so I wasn't able to post even when I eventually found the time. Argh.
Anyways, long story short, our computer finally got back into working mode and I am now racing to finish this post before bedtime. :)

*pauses to gulp some air into my lungs*

Ok, so for this contest I decided to once again give you the picture as a refresher, then post all the words in no particular order. Again, I'm doing this a little differently. I realized how hard it would be to choose the perfect word for the picture because so many words are a perfect fit depending on how you interpret it. I decided to have an "everybody wins" sort of feel to this contest even though I know you probably will hate me for it. :)
So I'm going to give the word and who came up with it then tell you why I loved each of the words.

Here's the picture:
Here are the words and everything else besides:

Word:                                           Who gave it:                    
Splendor                                      Jesseca Dawn    
Heavenly                                     Bethany R.     

Glory                                           Abigail

Coruscate                                    Carl Gray

Beaming                                     Rishona Raub

Ataraxia                                        Kelpie

So...why did you like it?
Splendor. (def. the quality of being magnificent, splendid, or grand)
It was a great choice. I made me look at the picture in a new light In it's own weird way, all those things in the above definition. Sunshine can make you stop and stare in utter awe as it filters through trees or across a sparkling body of water.

Heavenly. (def. In a manner like that of heaven; by the influence or agency of heaven)
This too was a beautiful word to describe the above picture. Sunshine does make us think of heaven, and it is sent to us by God to keep our planet supporting the life it does. Without it, we would die...with too much of it, we would die. God new exactly how much sunshine we need for everyday life and gives it too us as only He can.

Glory. (def. brilliant, radiant beauty)
How true that is! I know I'm not the only one who has stood gaping at our sun as it dips itself behind our horizon for the night, glowing and casting gorgeous colors across our sky. This too was a great word! (Can you tell why I chose not to choose favorites? :P)

Coruscate. (def. To reflect brightly)
This was a very down-to-earth, practical word. It describes the picture wonderfully, though lacking some of the poetic beauty the other words possessed. :P A great word to bring up when you're having a conversation with someone. ;)

Beaming. (def. The radiation of a column of light)
...or multiple columns as is case in this picture. ;) Another more practical word, but very descriptive of the picture none the less. Why do these contests have to be so hard? Anyways, I did like this word for its very practicality.

And last, but certainly NOT least....

Ataraxia. (def. a state of freedom from emotional disturbance and anxiety; tranquility.)
Ah yes, another more poetic I love them.  This word gave a sense of peace to the picture that I hadn't really thought of much. Also, it's another word to throw into a conversation if you want to shock and amaze your friends. :P
"I feel just so...ataraxia right now."
"You WHAT?"
Oh...I can't wait. :P

So there you have it...and now I'm off to bed. Apologies again for being so late.

God Bless! :D


  1. I admit that I have yet to use Ataraxia in a conversation but it would be humorous. Great words everyone! They all fit well!

  2. Glad your feeling better! Can't wait for the next contest!

    1. too! :P Next contest is coming soon! :)


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