Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Photo Contest #4

Alrighty. Next contest. I had fun coming up with this one. *rubs hands together in excited anticipation* Just as a refresher, here are the rules once again:

1: I'll post a word and an example picture.
2: You'll then come up with a picture of your own (not from the internet, you'll have to take it yourself) that you think represents the word best.
3: You'll send them to my e-mail: 4rmeddy@excite.com 
4: I'll choose my top three favorites and an honorable mention and post them on my blog.

Here's the word (dum-da-dum!): Goofy/Funny
(I told you I had fun coming up with this one... :P)

Here's the picture:

This picture is a perfect example, mostly because I know these guys (in fact, one of them is my younger brother) and they all were being goofy when I took this picture. Your picture doesn't have to be of people...it can be animals acting funny or even a picture of a plant that looks weird. Your choice. Have fun!
I'll be looking forward to choosing pictures and having a good laugh while I'm doing it! ;P
God bless! :)


  1. When do we have to send them in by?

    1. By Wednesday of next week. I'll judge them and post the winners sometime end of next week. :)

  2. Did you get the one I sent you rebekah?

    1. Yes. Sorry for not responding earlier. :P You sent me the picture of the dog, right? (Just double checking... :)


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