Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Winners

Ok. This is kind of embarrassing. I can't believe it's taken me this long to post. But, hey, if I had posted sooner, I wouldn't have received some of the pictures, so I guess that's a good thing in a weird sort of way. :P
But anyways, to get back to the point, the following participants were chosen as winners of this contest. You all did a fantastic job, and I had a hard time choosing the winners (Does this sound familiar? Sorry about that...but it's true). However, choose them I did, so, without further ado...I give you THE WINNERS!!!!

*Cool, introduction music, like the beginning of Star Wars...or something like that... :P*

First Place is awarded to: Bethany R. Congratulations! I loved this picture. Not only did it make me grin when I first saw it, but I loved the expression on the girl's face. Very goofy. ;) I'm sure, since Bethany probably knows this girl, she knows even more than me that she was being funny, but even I could appreciate the look on her face. I imagined her saying: "They're gonna FALL! Like... rightnow!!" Once again, well done Bethany. I loved this picture. It was perfect.

Second Place I decided to award to Jesseca Dawn. Her picture too brought a smile to my face. It caused me to think, what on earth are they doing? They look like they're having WAY to much fun in that picture...I'm jealous. :P So yeah, that's why she got second place. It's a great picture, and it fits well with the word goofy/funny. First place and second place were almost a tie because I liked the expression on these girls' faces as well. Again, well done Jesseca! You certainly deserved Second Place!

Third Place goes to Faith. And she too deserved it! Fantastic picture Faith!!! Congratulations! Why do you guys always have to give me such hard choices! Argh. Anyways, I loved her picture because it was different from the other girls' pictures by having only an animal in the picture. It's a lot harder to get an animal to look goofy, but she pulled it off! I loved your picture Faith! Another almost perfect fit for the word I chose: goofy/funny. Her picture was definitely both. Well done!
And last, but certainly not least, Honorable Mention is awarded to Bethany R. for her second picture she sent me. I thought when I saw it: Is that horse trying to help her with doing school? Or is it simply trying to be a distraction? Maybe it wants some attention. What on earth is it doing standing behind her? It was fun to invent different scenarios in my mind as to how the horse was being goofy/funny, but her other picture won the prize for being more goofy because I wasn't sure if one would be able to tell from simply looking at the picture that either the horse or the girl was being goofy/funny. Thanks for the picture though! It deserved this prize! :) Great job!
You guys have really made this contest hard by sending in such great pictures. I love it and hate it at the same time. ;) Keep it up! I'll be posting the next contest soon and so I look forward to more pictures!
One more time I'd like to thank the girls who sent in photos and say you all did an awesome job making me have to work to do this contest. :P
God bless you all! :D


  1. Cool! Thanks and I can't wait for the next one! By the way...the girl in both pictures that I sent in is me...lol! Good shots Jesseca, Faith, and whoever else entered!

  2. Great job girls! Everyone's pictures are perfect! ; )
    Jesseca, I loved yours. If I was going to title it, I'd call it "Hands up"!!!

    1. Thanks, Faith! Yeah, I have no idea why she has her hands up like that, I mean, she wasn't being robbed or anything. . . ;)

  3. Great pictures, everyone! They all went really well with goofy/funny!! Can't wait till the next one! :D


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