Thursday, June 11, 2015

Just For Fun... :P

A couple days ago, my sister showed me this video. Since I'm the newest driver in our family, we had quite a lot of laughter over it. Before you watch it, let me tell you now that driving is not that bad. As long as you stick to rules and keep safe, driving can be fun. :) Yes, I speak from experience. (Not much experience, but enough to know this as a fact. ;P)
I dedicate the following video to all the new(er) drivers in the world. (Like you, Jesseca. B-)
What did you think?
(Winners of Photo Contest #4 will be being posted sometime this weekend or early next week, just so you know. If you haven't sent in a picture yet, be sure to hurry up and send it! :)


  1. Bwahahahahahahaahaha! This is really funny. I still have my permit (so I guess I'm still a new driver! ;D) and I have to admit I find driving very frightening. I've gotten better with it, still haven't driven in town, though. (I get away with that because I live next to the country so I drive all on the country roads. Plus my work is in the country. ;D)
    Thanks for posting! I love this! It was hilarious! I laughed. :D

    1. You're very welcome. Driving really isn't that bad...even in towns and on freeways. ;P

  2. What??? YOU'VE ANNOUNCED ME TO THE WHOLE WORLD!!! How could you??? :D Hilarious video!!! I loved it :) My dad took me driving in our van on Sunday. . .I enjoyed it, although driving a full sized van will take more then a little getting used to!
    If my dad was like this while we were driving. . .I seriously doubt I would be commenting on here right now! :)
    Thanks for posting. . .I think B-)

    1. Oh yeah...driving big vans is SO fun! B-) I'm glad you enjoyed this post. :P

  3. No, really. Thank you for posting. I really enjoyed watching it! :D

  4. Lol! That's tooooo much! Thanks for the share and I hope that whenever Jesseca D hears someone say "DEAR!" She doesn't crash the car! Lol. What a way to get me excited for driving! Hilarious and thanks!

    By the way.........DEAR!!!!!!!!

    1. Haha. Yeah, that video makes me laugh more every time I watch it. My favorite quotes:
      "Only a left turn? ONLY A LEFT TURN? Would she say 'only a bullet to the brain'?"
      "Intersections are the devil's playground and left turns are his swing set."
      Lol! :P

  5. This is funny, Rebekah! Thanks for posting!:)
    I supposed to be driving with an instructor some time in the next month or so. Then I can get my permit....scary!


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