Sunday, November 3, 2013

Happy Fall!

Sitting in a comfy desk chair, sipping my mother's oil concoction for my cold, and thinking deep thoughts about October and what its been like for us as a family, I'd like to tell you that I am so sorry for neglecting you, my faithful followers...I will endeavor to fill you in now on some things my family and I have been up to. 
Family Photo Opp.!

This last month, not only have we been enjoying fellowship within family circles (My Uncle Richard, Aunty Christy, Cousins: Oliver, Colin, Jubi, and Graham just came back from Indonesia where they were missionaries), but also went to a pumpkin patch run by our dear friends the Blossey's,
Pumpkins, pumpkins, and MORE PUMKINS!!!
and a trip to Miracle ranch with our Aunty Christy and the cousins, and Aunty Sarah. It was fun to see people we knew there, and especially fun to hang out with the Asa family (at least, most of the Asa family... :P).
Friends and Family

Havin' fun on the hay ride

Jubi with the ponies: They were just the right size for her! :)

Jubi and Me

more fun w/ cousins and Asa kids!

The Archery place was the boy's favorite stop! (go figure)

Another favorite place: finding toys and candy in the hay!
We also had a harvest party at our church and that in itself was fun. I got to help in the kitchen and then "help" my friend Kathryn Stephenson with her game. ;) All in all, our family had a wonderful, but busy, month. Hopefully November will prove less busy, but more fun! I'd better go, but before I leave, I'd like to say one last "Random Remark" for this post: Remember that God is always with you, no matter where you are, or what you're doing. So just keep that in mind as you continue your day by day life...


  1. Great job Rebekah, this is very professional and very interesting presentation. Love , Grandma and Grandpa Eddy.


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