Saturday, February 15, 2014

Catching Up...

Yeah, long time no see, right? So much for a good record... :P Well, as my title states, I'm going to use this post to catch you all up on my life for the past month or so. I'm so sorry for not posting regularly, but my weekends have been very busy, and during the week I have a heavier school load since I'm in high school. :) Hopefully, come summer, I'll be able to be a little more consistent.
Ok, so I decided to give you some pictures of random activities that have happened during the last couple of months, I'll explain in case the pictures need explaining... :) Here you go:

Yeah, I had a little too much fun picking up twigs... :P

A job finished.

It actually DID snow again! :O
It was deep least 3 1/2 inches!

Footsteps in the Snow. (not mine)

David, Tabitha and I walked to church on Sunday. It was fun! :) (and we managed to arrive on time. :) Andrew followed us a little later, and we enjoyed a wonderful sermon from Dad. :)

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