Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Busy, Busy + Harvest Blessings

Siblings and me at the Pumpkin Patch
So sorry for not posting for a long time. I've been busy with school, music, church, and the list goes on... :) Life as a pastor's daughter in a family of twelve is never easy, and is always full of challenges. However, it's also a lot of fun. I wouldn't exchange my life for the life of another's if you paid me millions of dollars. Since it's fall, I thought I would tell you  what our family does as harvest time activities.

Our family doesn't go trick-or-treating, or dress up in weird costumes and walk around the neighborhood on Halloween. Now believe me, we know lots of people who do, and we don't think it's wrong, we just don't do it ourselves. Instead, our church puts on a Harvest Party where kids play games for candy and have loads of fun with other kids from church without having to dress up and knock on doors.

Here's a car I can drive without a permit or license. :P

Also, in early October, our family went to a pumpkin patch owned by a Christian family that goes to our church. It was so much fun walking up and down isles of pumpkins looking for just the right ones to put in our wagons and buy. They had a gift shop there too, and I bought a pair of earrings (surprise! ;), and a couple bars of cinnamon soap for some friends of mine.

Now, I must admit that Halloween is probably my least favorite holiday because of all the things our country brings to your attention around that time of year. Nevertheless, I think we, as Christians, should take advantage of that holiday too. For instance, if your family does go trick-or-treating, you should pass out tracts at every house you stop at. Maybe they won't read it, but all we have to do is plant a seed, because God takes care of the rest.

So, don't let the Enemy use that holiday for himself. Let's use it to spread God's Word!

God bless you as you go on your way! :)


  1. Whoa, harvest time must run a long season in your area. This was the weirdest harvest year for us and all the farmers in our area- we still had apples by November first. That's rare! But now it's twenty-two degrees outside with a windchill of nine. Harvest season is over. :)
    I like your suggestions for Halloween. That's a wonderful idea, passing out tracts. We don't do Halloween either, but I LOVE to dress up so much. So I couldn't resist but dress up as a Cossack so when kids do come to the door I could give them candy. Do you dress up for the harvest party you went to? I wasn't invited to a harvest party this year (sigh) but hopefully next year I can convince some of my friends to help me put one on. :)
    Glad to see you back with a new post!

    1. I dressed up as a pastor's daughter. ;) (That means no, I didn't really dress up...) I hope that you can get a harvest party together next year, they are SO FUN!!! :D

    2. You know Rebekah, would it be alright if I added you as a friend on Google+? I'd like to talk to you more, I think we have a lot in common. :) If not, that's fine. Just wanted to ask. I love having pen pals! :D

      P.S. If you were fine with being friends on Google+, I will tell you ahead of time that my profile isn't under the name "Calamity Rene". It's under my real name, the one I entered Susan's contest with. :) I think you'd probably figure it out (because my profile picture still has a photo of my horse and I) but just wanted to let you know ahead of time!

    3. I'm actually not on Google+, but I would love to talk to you more! A better way to keep in touch with me would be through e-mailing. I love having pen pals too! :D Here's my e-mail if you're interested: 4rmeddy@excite.com


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