Saturday, December 20, 2014

Almost Christmas!

Only five days to go! I'm so, so, SO excited!!!!! (Can you tell? :P) And not because I get to spend time with my family that morning opening up presents, but because it is the celebration for Christ's birth! Unfortunately, we probably will be having a green usual...up here in Western Washington, but hey, God might give us a miracle! :P
Just for fun, I thought I'd post a Christmas song played by one of my favorite YouTube artists, The PianoGuys. Actually, just Thursday night we, (Mom, Dad, Andrew, Sarah, Margaret and I) got to go to a live concert by them in Seattle! It was AWESOME!!!
Enjoy a little "Merry Christmas" from the PianoGuys! :) God Bless!


  1. THAT IS SO NOT FAIR! You guys saw the Piano Guys??? That is not fair. I would love to see them, but unfortunately they don't often come in our area... :) Say hi to my brothers and my Dad- they're in Seattle right now and have been spending time in Bremerton as well. They passed through your area! Merry Christmas and God Bless!

    1. They are definitely worth paying to see! It was an awesome concert! :) I'll say hi to your family if I see any of them... but I don't really know what they look like... that might make things difficult... :P

  2. Wow! I'm sure the concert was breathtaking!! I love their music :D

  3. The piano guys are amazing!,!


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