Thursday, January 21, 2016

At LONG Last...

Thank Google for this picture. :)

This signals the end of my unintentional blogging break. :) Let me explain my absence...

1) All the crazy Christmas/New Years business kept me away from blogging. Believe me, all my posts during the "Twelve Days Before Christmas" and New Year posts were scheduled. I LOVE scheduled posts and they will probably play an even more important role in my future posts until Summer at least! ;)

2) As soon the holiday season calmed down, I started back into my school and music schedule which sucked away a lot of my free time.

3) Once I settled back into my school schedule, the computer conveniently decided to temporarily break down. *sigh* blogging, no e-mailing, no writing my stories for the last couple of weeks. I apologize to you all for not keeping up with you. :(
And I will try to catch up soon. :) However... I may be posting a little more sporadically until after my graduation due to:

1) My graduation is coming up very quickly and I have a lot to finish before it arrives no matter how excited I am at how close it is (!)

2) I have a Senior Recital I'm preforming along with a talented friend from my church, so I've been spending a crazy amount of time practicing the tough songs assigned me by my music teachers. (They have high hopes for me...bless their hearts.)

3) Because my Dad is the pastor, we always are kept busy with church activities...though I'm not complaining! I love hanging out at church, it's pretty much a second home to me. :) (You other PKs know what I'm talking about. ;)

Just to warn you... :) I will try to reply to your comments and post every once in a while, but it won't be very regular. Sorry. :( I'll miss posting a bunch, but I'll keep you updated as much as possible!

Thanks for understanding! God bless you all! :)


  1. Thanks for the update, Rebekah!
    I totally understand how busy life can get as it gets closer to graduation day. ;) I was pretty busy around this time last year too. :)

  2. Yes, I totally do know what you mean, Rebekah. :D The first to arrive at church, the last to leave, the whole deal! But its not too bad. Just a second home. :-)

    I look forward to at least some more posts. :-)

  3. Sounds like you have certainly been busy!! Oh, no!! A computer break down sounds....tragic? *nods* ;)
    And in agreement with your line on PKs...YES!!! xD Last week Dad was at church nearly everyday. Sunday, church. Monday, funeral. Tuesday, visitation. Wednesday, funeral. (Yes, there was two funerals in one week. :-( ) I thought there was something Friday, but now I don't remember... Anyways, yes. It is like a second home sometimes. ;)

    Thanks for sharing, Rebekah!! :D

    1. Yeah, I remember a couple times I've been at church at some point every day of the week. Sometimes more than once. ;) And you're very welcome for the post. :)

  4. Hey Rebekah!! I tagged you for the Wonderful Book Tag!! You can see my post here:

    1. Thanks! I'll really try to do it...but it may take awhile for the post to show up. Just a warning. ;)

  5. I LOVE scheduled posts, too!! It makes it look like I'm still alive when life gets really busy. :P


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