Saturday, January 27, 2018

21 Answers to the Question: What is Your Book About?

I'm stalling so that my next post (my 300th post) will be on the same day I post about blog tour sign-ups for "Sleeping Handsome". :) And since I haven't done a 21 Answers post in awhile, I thought I'd give you one. 
As an author, I can't tell you how many times I've gotten this question after someone finds out I wrote a book. And I NEVER know how to respond. No matter how many times I practice in a mirror at home, I always fail to come up with something intelligent. Below are a few of the responses I often end up giving, a couple that I've thought about giving, and more that I threw in there as possible choices and to get the number of answers up to 21. ;)

#1: "Oh, you know...stuff."

#2: "There's this person, who does this thing. And it's cool."

#3: "Instead of me explaining it to you, you should probably just read it yourself." (Insert link to website where they can access you book. Marketing, guys, MARKETING.)

#4: *long explanation that makes no sense because you keep trying to cover up spoilers and tend to ramble*

#5: "I'm not ready for the world to know yet...or ever."

#6: "Man, even I don't know what my book is about!"

#7: "You'd better sit down."

#8: *blank expression*

#9: Drag over a friend that's read your book and say, "Here, ask them about it."

#10: Shudder and whisper hoarsely, "You don't want to know."

#11: Pick a word at random, have it be something different every time...just for fun. (Ex: "cauliflower", "lawn mowers", "cheese", "snowflakes", etc.) Don't forget to say the word with confidence so that the asker believes you. ;)

#12: "Beats me!" *shrug*

#13: "Somethin'."

#14: *groan* "Where do I even start?"

#15: The cheater's answer: read the synopsis off the back of your book. (If you have one, that is...if you don't, try reading the synopsis off someone else's book and test the asker's reading knowledge.)

#16: "Dost thou know what thou asketh, fiend?"

#17: *blushes* *stutters* *changes subject*

#18: "Tea anyone?"

#19: FAINT. Everyone will freak out, and hopefully forget about the question in the meantime. If it comes up again, faint again. Eventually the asker will stop asking that question. Trust me on that one.

#20: "Ask me no questions, and I'll tell you no lies."

#21: If all else fails, you COULD come up with an actual, good response. Like, maybe work up a clever five sentence sell-out paragraph that makes whoever asks you about your book want to buy it...but who has time for that?

Which was/were your favorite response/s? Which response/s have you used before, if any? If you're a fellow author, which responses do you find yourself using a lot? (HELP ME)

Hope y'all enjoyed this post! I'll be back next time with a celebration post and blog tour sign-ups! :D


  1. Oh my word, this is hilarious. xD

    And I am so pumped for the blog tour!

    ~ Abby

  2. Replies
    1. Glad you found me amusing! ;) Hope they brightened your day!

  3. LOLLOL this is great!! most of these could also be used when someone asks you to describe your favorite book XD

  4. I love these!! Your '21 things' always makes me laugh 😂

  5. "Dost thou know what thou asketh, fiend?" xD Nope, they don't! My dad recently asked me what my story was about and I was like, "Well, there's this girl and her sister and they go on a trip but it's written in the form of letters annndddd..."

    Great post!

    Dost thou know what thou asketh, fiend?

    1. SO TRUE THO. And thank you. ;) Glad you enjoyed my post!

      *evil chuckle*

  6. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL. When people ask me what my book is about I take my phone and bring up my synopsis and hand it to them. :P Who has time to memorize a small paragraph of information? Not moi!

  7. HI Rebekah,

    Oh, I always love reading these posts. These answers are so funny, and how true they are! I never know quite exactly what to say when someone asks me about my book. I just try to give a short answer, or I have given some of these before. :) Some are just too funny. ;)



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