Monday, June 17, 2013

Quick Quiz: Get to Know Me! :)

Favorite person in history and why? History??
I like history pretty well, so a favorite is hard to find. Of course my absolute favorite would be Jesus Christ because without Him coming to earth, we would be lost in sin. I guess that's why He's my favorite person in history too! I have other favorites though, and I must say the first missionary, Paul would be another top favorite, as well as our founding fathers.

Favorite scents?
Oh, this is a tough question. I like a lot of scents. Probably my favorite scent is when you walk into a stable and take a deep whiff of sweaty horses, dusty hay, and yes, horse manure. (sorry, that's kind of gross.) I also like the smell of fresh flowers of any kind. Lavender and roses are my favorite of this group, although I enjoy all of them. I also enjoy the smell of anything baking in the oven such as cookies, pizza, or brownies. Another smell I like is the smell of a leather shop. That smells pretty awesome too.

What is your favorite Bible chapter, verse, or passage and why?
My personal favorite Bible passage is Job 39:19-25. Why, you ask? Yup, you guessed it... it's about Horses! My absolute favorite animal!!! :) Look it up in any version and you'll see what I mean. God basically describes how awesome horses are in this passage! I enjoy reading in Ruth, Ester, and Genesis, they are my favorite books, Daniel and Jonah coming up in close second. I also have enjoyed reading all of the four gospels, and listen with interest as the spiritual leaders of my church teach through the heavier books and epistles.

Favorite season?
Summer!!!!! By far, summer is my favorite. The days are long and sunny (mostly ;), we have people over to our house more often, there's no school, and that means I have more time to do other things. (also it happens to be when the Bible Bee is!!)

Favorite Genre of Music (Baroque, Classical, Romantic, or 20th Century)?
I usually like all music, (except for most rock or pop music which really has no tune, just drums and shouting), but out of these choices my favorites (is it okay to have two?) would probably be Classical and Baroque, since some Romantic is boring, and some 20th Century is, well, too 20th Century. (By the way, I love singing, listening to, and playing hymns, so what genre does that fall under?)

Favorite kinds of books (i.e. fiction, history, etc.)?
My favorite book is the Bible of course, and that's the History Book of the Universe. I usually read a mix of all the kinds of books, fiction, non-fiction, etc. I enjoy reading a lot, so the specific kind doesn't really matter to me.

For travelling, do you prefer driving, flying, or train?
Well, there's good and bad for all of the choices, with driving, you are usually just with your family, sometimes with friends, and you can enjoy fellowship easier, and driving is cheaper that train or airplane. With an airplane, you can go to other countries much easier than in a car or on a train (unless you take a train under the water "across" the English channel) and airplanes are usually much faster than train or cars. With trains, you can cover ground speed quickly, but you can't go across water like an airplane or a car (with the help of a boat :). So I guess my favorite would probably be... all of the above? No, I think I enjoy travelling in a car with my family best, airplane second, and (sorry to you train-lovers) train last.

Middle name?
My middle name is Marie, so my full name would then be: Rebekah Marie Eddy

Favorite style of shoes?
Flip-flops!!!! :) (another reason why I like summer! :P) They're so easy to slip on and off, which makes playing on Tuesdays(our family have people from our church and community over for about three hours to play and fellowship) easy.

Ice cream or Mousse?
Oh, oh, oh!!! Ice cream BY FAR!!! I love  ice cream. (How does the saying go...?) I scream for ice cream!! (so true) :D

Favorite color combinations?
Let's see...
black and silver,
blue and brown,
purple and gold (UW colors :),
pink and silver,
green and gold.

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