Saturday, January 11, 2014

Winter 2013

Sorry, I'm a little late for a "Christmas Post" (I wanted to get all the Silver Flower posts done) but I thought you'd probably enjoy it anyhow, late or not. :)
Believe it or not, we actually did get some snow this winter! :O I know, shocking, right? :P Anyways, here's some pictures of us having a fun time w/ cousins and snow!
A pretty photo, it turned out better than I thought. :)
Sam=goofball :P


Say "Cheese"

Doesn't Graham make a cute reindeer? :)


Jubi and I sledding. It was COLD!! :)

Someone just rolled over into the snow: David's reaction: :O

Experimenting to see how fast they might be able to go!
Hope you enjoyed these photo's! :)


  1. Looks like you had fun! Winter just started though. ;) So there may still be some snow comin'!! :D


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