Saturday, January 24, 2015

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This is just a random picture I took at Fort Clatsop
while we were down at where Lewis & Clark landed their canoes.
 It has nothing to do with the post. :P

Hmm...I think writing must run in the family... :) I asked my brother, Maxwell, if I could post this story he wrote called "The Battle between Conscience and Will". He said I could, so you all are in for a treat this week! :D

I now present:

The Battle between Conscience and Will

John was walking down the road. The sun was shining, but he could still hear the gunfire behind him. It was the beginning of a Civil War; the War Between the States. There had been many Civil Wars throughout history, but this one would be known as THE Civil War because there where so many more people killed in it than the other ones.

John could remember, just that morning, being called to the front line while he was playing chess. He fingered the pawn in his pocket, which he had been holding when the news came, remembering that on his way to the front he realized that he was only a pawn too. What difference could he make in the battle?

       Being tired and hungry, John went into an inn and ordered some food. He sat down in a corner near two people playing chess. While waiting for his food he watched as one of the chess players was taking pawn after pawn from the other.

 His conscience was beginning to bother him.

“Your country needs you.” one voice said.

“It’s too dangerous!” another replied.

“If you all leave, then no one can protect your king.” The first voice insisted.

“The pawns can do nothing, as you just saw.” The second countered.

He ignored them both as he saw the innkeeper coming with his food.

 Then he suddenly realized that he was still holding his own pawn in his hand. With much more force than was needed, John threw the pawn across the room.

 His chess set would never be complete. He would never return to the battle. One of the pawns would always be missing. He would no longer be a pawn in the army. He was not in the army at all.

 While John ate, another game of chess was beginning. This game seemed somewhat closer. One of the pawns was being a lot of trouble. The champion of the previous game couldn’t get around it. Slowly his position collapsed and the new champion quickly plundered his enemy’s ranks, and checkmated the king.

 The voices returned to him.

“See, pawns can help.”

“But the high pieces were the ones who checkmated the king.”

“But it was the pawn who stopped his enemies from getting through.”

 John’s mental war was over, his conscience had won. Now determined, he walked over to the spot where his own pawn had rolled to a stop and picked it up. He would return it. The chess set would once again be complete.

MAXWELL EDDY       1/2015

I thought this story was too good to pass up! :) He wrote it for a school assignment, but I wanted to post it just for fun, and for an audience to enjoy it.
How did you like it?


  1. Hi Rebekah! I liked the story! How are you doing?

    1. Hi Skylar! Welcome to my blog! Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment! But to answer your question, I'm doing fine, although a cold is running through our family. :) I'm so glad you liked the story!

  2. Very good story! Interesting as well. He did a really good job on it!

  3. This was great ! I loved the comparison with the chess game! Tell him congrats! ;)
    I would have commented before now but my iPad wouldn't let me.. :(

    1. I will! :) I'm so sorry your iPad wasn't working for commenting...hopefully it won't happen again! :)


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