Friday, July 3, 2015

Lord of the Rings: Part Two

Part two is going to focus on “other” characters of Lord of the Rings that aren’t hobbits. Here you go! Hope you enjoyed these posts!


Why? Because HE IS SOOOO AWESOME!!!!! Not to mention, calm, cool, and composed in emergencies, always knows what to do and when to do it, can handle anybody, and is not afraid to voice his opinion. Who doesn’t like Gandalf?

Spotlight scene: Oh wow, there are so many it was hard to choose, but I thought I would narrow it down to two. First, when he lets of fireworks to the hobbit children trailing his wagon, and secondly, whenever he fights.

Favorite Quote: “Many that live deserve death, and some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them?”

The Ents:

Why? I put these in as a collective character but of course my favorite Ent is Treebeard. They too are awesome in their own way, but I especially love how slow and thoughtful they are. Even though their carefulness gets a little frustrating to poor Merry and Pippin. :P

Spotlight scene: When they say “good morning.” :P

Favorite Quote: “It takes such a long time to say things in our language that we don’t say anything unless it is worth the effort to take a long time to say it.”


Why? He’s awesome. And cool. And he and Gimli make an awesome pair. Despite their differences. Loyal to the end and a really good archer. And he never runs out of arrows! What better combination is there? :P

Spotlight scene: Again, he has so many it was hard to choose, so I ended up having to narrow it down to two again. First, when he and Gimli have a drinking competition, secondly, any time he fights.

Favorite Quote: “Yet do not cast all hope away. Tomorrow is unknown.”


Why? You probably figured that he was coming next. ;) Yup, he’s awesome too, though in a different way. Short and stocky, he is the complete opposite of his elf friend, Legolas. But a fierce fighter and a loyal companion, I wouldn’t dream of leaving him out of this post.

Spotlight scene: Another hard one to narrow down awesome scenes! I also narrowed his spotlight scene possibilities down to two: first, when he and Legolas have a competition to see who can kill the most orcs and he wins. Second, as they run across country to help find Merry and Pippin.

Favorite Quote: “I’m highly dangerous over short distances!”


Why? He. Is. Awesome!!!!!!! I can’t say enough about this guy. He is a born leader, but listens when others command. He can fight like nobody’s business. And he has a really cool sword. I could go on and on, but I won’t because I still have two more characters.

Spotlight scene: All the time?

Favorite Quote: “If by my life or death I can protect you, I will. You have my sword.”


Why? AH! They’re all so awesome! But to be more specific, I like this guy because he’s an awesome: father, leader, warrior, friend, and advisor. What more can I say? That explains it all!

Spotlight scene: At Rivendell. And any other time he shows up. :P

Favorite Quote: “I have seen three ages in the West of the world, and many defeats, and fruitless victories.”


Why? I don’t know…maybe it’s because she loves her brother so much, and maybe because she is such a good sister/daughter even when the circumstances are difficult. She has a strong spirit and is steadfastly true to those she loves. Anyways, she is probably my favorite girl in the movie.

Spotlight scene: When she gives Aragorn a bowl of soup. (It makes me laugh every time…without fail!)

Hope you enjoyed these two posts! I'll be back to posting a little more often, and I have some fun in store for you...keep tuned in! ;P




  1. I have to admit Eowyn has never been one of my favorite characters. It's not that I dislike her, it's just that I have never really understood her. She is one of the characters that I think I would like a whole lot better if I knew more of her history.

    1. If you read the book you'll get to understand her better...and like her more :)

    2. I actually have read the books, I just didn't feel like they explained enough about her.


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