Monday, August 3, 2015

Word Dream #19 & #20

Can you believe it? I'm almost out of Word Dream pictures! This post, and one more is all I have left! What will you do without these invigorating posts?? :( But *clears throat* to get back to the subject. I assume you know the drill... choose you favorite of the two. :)

God bless!


  1. I love both of these, but I'd have to choose #2 as a favorite! It's probably something I would say.

  2. Out of all these so far, this one will be the hardest to decide......... I'm going to say #2 because it relates to me more. ;) love these Rebekah!!

  3. I like both so much... :) It was a hard decision for me to make, so I know how difficult it will be for you all. :P

  4. Hmm, yes, very difficult! I have to agree with Jesseca and Faith though, #2.


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