Wednesday, December 14, 2016

A Partridge in a Pear Tree: 12 Days of Christmas Introduction

I am joining a whole passel (why is that word not used more??) of bloggers in flooding your blogger feed with Christmassy posts. This link-up was hosted by the lovely Faith P. (from Stories by Firefly and Chosen Vessels) so be SURE to click on the links I provided and visit her blog to find links to the other people participating and all the information if you want to join!!

Now, onto how I plan on spreading Christmas cheer each day. :)

Day 1 (TODAY!!): I'm going to give you a favorite Christmas song
Day 2: Every Eddy Christmas Ever (what Christmas looks like in the Eddy household)
Day 3: Christmas Book Spotlight
Day 4: Favorite Christmas video
Day 5: Another favorite Christmas song
Day 6: A few wintery pictures from our life here in Washington
Day 7: A Christmas video
Day 8: A Christmas song
Day 9: The titles of my top 5 favorite Christmas movies
Day 10: The titles of my top 5 favorite Christmas books
Day 11: A favorite Christmas song
Day 12: (CHRISTMAS DAY!!): A special Christmas poem...written by Yours Truly. ;)

Here we go...*drum roll* 

One of my very FAVORITE Christmas songs EVER is "Leaving Heaven" as sung by Matthew West. The music, the words, the message...*hugs* I just love it. ;) So here it is for you to listen to and add to your favorite Christmas song list. 

This song played a part in the inspiration of my Easter poem "The Journey of Christ" I posted earlier this year. :) I loved it that much. Have you ever heard this song before? (The answer should be "Yes, I just listened to it..." :P) Hope you all have a wonderful first day of the twelve days of Christmas. See you back here tomorrow!!! ^_^


  1. Thanks for taking part in the linkup, Rebekah!! ^_^ I haven't heard this song, but it sounds good. *adds to Christmas music list*

    1. Thanks (again) for hosting it Faith!! :D
      It is me on that one. ;)

  2. Yay! 12DoC is here! And wow that song is just so beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing it. :)

    1. *bounces* Isn't it? *hugs song again* And you're welcome. ;)

  3. Wow posting all 12 day! that is a very nice song thanks for sharing!

    1. I know...up until today I might have been a LITTLE overwhelmed about that. *cough* But, I managed.
      You're very welcome! Glad you enjoyed!! :)

  4. I hadn't heard this song before, but I really enjoyed it! :D
    I'm looking forward to all of your other 12 Days of Christmas posts, Rebekah! :)

  5. Great song! Looking forward to more posts!

  6. It looks like you are going to have some fun posts here, Rebekah. I'll be back. :)

    1. Yay! I'll look forward to seeing you! ^_^

  7. That song is really good. :) I've never heard it before! Your posts look like they'll be awesome! :D


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