Thursday, August 1, 2013

Peniel Ranch: Part Two (July 18th-19th)

Day Four:
This morning did not start by raining, so that was nice. I was still able to complete my devotions for the day, and the morning went by pretty regularly, we had breakfast, did our Bible bee hour, had some free time, had Lunch, did swimming and kayaking. However, the afternoon was far from normal! The man in charge of the ranch, Mr. Delano, took all the families out to his wooden targets, and showed us how to throw knives and tomahawks!

Grayson hit the first tomahawk in, and John Miller (Jr.), not to be outdone by his friend,
hit the second one in as well. Good job guys!

Why Killian made a face while Larken took my picture, I have no idea. :)

It was neat watching everyone take a turn. I didn't, because I was taking pictures, but we even had a couple of the young guys in our church stick two in a row!! I can't wait to do the slide show, I'm going to have way to much fun doing it! :P
Following knife throwing, we had another hour or so of free time before dinner.

Once dinner was finished, we had a talent show for our evening thing. I did three things: Play the piano, play the flute, and sing. Some of the talents were more talented, some less. :) It was still fun taking pictures of everyone doing it! :)

Playing the flute with Mallen

Playing a piano Solo

Singing with Mrs. Miller
The day again finished with volleyball and apples to apples, and I got to have Luke Miller on my side, it was so cute watching him decide what card to pick so solemnly. Our last evening was a fun one, and I'm so sad to go home. I always am. Better go.

Day Five:

Today we go home. :( Before breakfast I did Bible bee, and packed up to go home. It was sad to say goodbye to my friends, but I had the assurance that I was going to see them on Sunday, a mere two days from now anyways! :)

the food they served at the camp was beyond delicious, it was fabulous, just short of heavenly!

I don't know about you, but we're tired

This is more or less a picture of the entire group that went. IT WAS SO FUN!!!!

 My apologies, but today was another kind of boring day. But, hey, at least we didn't die by drowning in the river or by getting kicked by a donkey, right? :P We did eventually get home, unpack, and I started on the slide show. I hope it turns out, but I'll have Dad to help me, so it should get done by Sunday. See Y'all Then! :)

I don't want to sound to repetitive, but...

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