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Q&A w/ Rebekah Eddy: Session #3

Sunshine! :)
Yay! Back at last!! :D I'm going to only post a few questions though, and you all can answer over the next week. So here are a couple questions concerning one thing: *Drum Roll*

Have you ever written a book? Or wanted too?
If so, what was it about? 
What were the names of your characters?
Where was the story's setting (where did the story take place)?

I have written a short story (twelve chapters long) called "The Silver Flower".
The Silver Flower is about three siblings (Justin, Duncan, and Mary) that go on a mission to save an elfish kingdom from the king's tyrannical counselor. They are helped by three elves (Valkin Tredhale, Dusak Aknae, and Vinea Aknae), an old man from their village (Old Elliot) and a magical Silver Pendant (hence the name of the book).
The story took place in Scotland, partially because the Scottish people were very superstitious and so elves, fairies, brownies, etc. were common in Scottish story telling. Also, in case you may not have noticed, I like Scotland, (even their bagpipes, despite certain sister's objections... :P) but especially their accent. :)

So...go ahead, answer away! :)


  1. Hey Rebekah, I found your blog address off of Trevor Trekker's blog, I hope you don't mind!
    Your book sounds exciting! :)
    Ok, here I go with a little about my book:

    Have I ever written a book? - Yep, I've been working on my story for months now. I originally wanted it to be a short story, but I've made it to 15,358 words. 42 pages. I guess it will be more of a novel by the time I'm finished... :P ;)
    The name of my book is "-The Time Travelers-"

    What was it about? - It is about four teens who find themselves time traveled to old Ireland, around 1500 A.D., by two wristwatches. they soon find out that the young prince has been captured, and they set out on a perilous journey to save him!

    The names of my characters: - My four main characters are all 16. Their names are Joshua Peterson, Amy Hyde, and Aaron and Ivy Rochester. The others are some friends they find, named Teagan and Fiona. And of course, the young Irish prince Brian, the Paige Mister O'Neal, the kidnappers Riley, Clodagh, (It's Gaelic, pronounced Clo-e-dah) and the other thugs I haven't named. Also, I have some dragons: Hugh, Darcy, Lorcan, Colleen, and Ailbe (Al-bay). All but one of them fly, and the one that doesn't fly, breaths fire...

    The story's setting: - In 1500's Ireland, when dragons roamed free through out the Highlands. But in the beginning of the story, Amy and Joshua are in the year 2014. But once they find the wristwatch in Grandmother Hyde's attic, their worlds are turned upside down forever.

    Oh yes, and my Irish folk talk "old like". ye, thy, thou, Etc. ;)
    Whaddia think? :)

    1. Cool!! I hope you let me know when its finished! I'd LOVE to read it! It sounds really interesting! :D
      (My story is similar to yours in that they speak "old like": ye [instead of you], yer [instead of your], Aye [instead of yes], Nay [instead of no], etc...)
      Thanks for visiting my blog, and I hope you might consider staying! :) I don't mind at all when new people look at my blog, and I'm always thrilled when they decide to stay! :) (hint, hint, nudge, nudge... :P)
      By the way, I have a writing blog you may be interested in...I am just finishing up posting the chapters of "The Silver Flower" and will be posting pictures and character bios of all characters from "The Silver Flower".
      If you're interested, the link to the blog is in the "My Stories" page shown at the top of this blog. Hope you have enjoyed my blog! :)

    2. Thanks! =D
      Cool, I love the "old" style of speaking!
      I think I'll "stay". I like your blog! =)
      I looked at your Story blog, I haven't read your story yet, but it looks great! =D
      I do enjoy your blog! :)

    3. Why thank you! :P I'm glad you like my blog! :)

  2. Yes, I have written a book. Seven books actually though the last one isn't published yet.
    Which book should I tell about?

    Book 1: Homes Fires of the Great War—home life during World War One. It takes place in Codell, Kansas and Princeville, Nova Scotia. The main characters are Emma Foster Mitchell and her daughter Ria (from Kansas) and Maria Foster (Emma's cousin from Nova Scotia). There are many other characters.

    Book 2: The Unexpected Request—a western. This takes place in Colorado, Wyoming, Nevada and California in the late 1800s. Main characters are Ty Eliot, his sister Sally and their older friend Carson.

    Books 3 & 4: Pirates of Rocky Crag Bay and Other Stories and The Lower Lights and Other Stories—short stories with many places and people. :)

    Books 5-7: The Triple Creek Ranch series. These books take place on a ranch in the far mid-west. Main characters are Norman Mavrich, his wife Jenelle and sister Orlena.

    1. Wow! I want to read some of those books, all of them sound wonderfully exciting! :D I've read some of your shorter stories and LOVE them! (By the way, thanks for commenting! I love getting comments from everyone! :)

    2. Hey, it finally decided to let me actually follow your blog. :)

  3. Hi Rebekah!
    Have you ever written a book?~ Yes several actually but never finished them. =D The one that I like the most is..... Well it doesn't have a title....yet!

    What was it about?~ This story (the one I talked about above^) focuses on the lives of the Lynn siblings Claire the oldest, Catie the second oldest, Conscience the little sister (yes,her name is Conscience) And Carter and Catalina the twin toddlers. They live in a hotel and have no parents they take taxis everywhere or the metro. They also struggle with money Claire is fifteen but not many people hire her because she mostly has Conscience and the twins with her.

    What are the characters names?~ As I said Claire,Catie,Conscience,Carter and Catalina Lynn. But there is also the twins' babysitter Mary, and their regular taxi drivers Elaine and Matt. Also the hotel owner's Gretta and Harry.

    Setting~ The story is mostly set in Missouri but they do go to England.


    1. Sounds good...I hope you'll finish it soon, I'd love to read it! :) (I hope you enjoy reading my blog. :)

  4. I do like your blog Rebekah! It's really cool!!

    ~Skylar~ 13

    1. *gives a sweeping bow* Thank you very much! :P

  5. *Gives beautiful curtsey* Your welcome very much! ;D

    ~Skylar~ 13

    P.S. Rebekah, how old are you? (If you don't wanna say then just say so)

    1. The "About Me" page at the top of my blog is, well, "about me" and includes my age...that will probably be the easiest answer.


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