Saturday, May 3, 2014

Q&A w/ Rebekah Eddy: Session #4

Trees, trees,...and yet more trees!
Yay! Back at long last! Our family went to the annual Christian Heritage Homeschool Conference last weekend, so I had no time to post...sorry. But I'm back!
I have some new followers, and I just want to tell you right now...WELCOME!!! And have fun answering my questions! :)

What country/state do you live in?
How many siblings do you have?
What's your favorite thing to do during the summer?
Do you like to travel?
If so, where have you always wanted to go?
And what is your favorite place you have gone before?

I live in Western Washington.
I have nine (Andrew, Sarah, Margaret, [Me], Maxwell, David, Tabitha, Marta, William, & Samuel).
I enjoy having church family over to play volleyball and roast marshmallows on Sunday nights.
I like traveling sometimes.
I've always wanted to go to the British Isles (England and Scotland mostly).
I really loved going to Ethiopia with Dad, but I also like going to Cannon Beach WA with my family.

I look forward to your answers! :D


  1. Hey Rebekah! I'm so sorry I never found you girls to talk a bit... but I waved whenever I had the chance to. ;)
    The conference was wonderful. :)

    What country/state do you live in? OR
    How many siblings do you have? Seven Siblings. :)
    What's your favorite thing to do during the summer? Spend time with friends and SWIM! ;)
    Do you like to travel? Oh yes. :)
    If so, where have you always wanted to go? Scotland, Ireland, and England... to see where my relatives are from.
    And what is your favorite place you have gone before? Hm... That's a hard one to answer... ;) I visited the St. Louis Arch when I was young and that was pretty cool. :)

    1. The conference WAS nice! And I waved to you too...although you may not have seen me. :)
      Thanks for answering the questions! I think it's interesting that we both want to go to the British Isles at some point. Your ancestors are Scottish right? Mine are English, so it's kind of close. :P Thanks again for commenting. :)

    2. Yes! :D
      They were good questions. :) My ancestors were Scottish... although mostly Irish. And a bit of English, so it's not that far off! ;) It's a long and complicated story, but our real last name would be Murphy. And one of the relatives were so proud of their Irish heritage that they sign their marriage license with the name Murphy!

    3. Whoa, cool! :) You'll have to tell me the whole story sometime curiosity must be satisfied! :P

  2. I live in Missouri
    I'm the youngest of three. I have an older brother and an older sister.
    Favorite this to do just about any time is read. :)
    Yes, I like to travel.
    For years I've wanted to go to Montana.
    Oh, boy, I don't know! We used to travel quite often when we were young and I'd love to visit those places again. But I really enjoyed getting to visit Saskatchewan and Manitoba last summer. :)

    1. Thanks for the comment! :) It was fun to read your answers!

  3. Hello! Ooo, another Q and A! Love those! ;D

    What country/state do you live in? The good ole' USA! Washington state to be more precise. ;)
    How many siblings do you have? Two lovely sisters!
    What's your favorite thing to do during the summer? Love swimming, hiking, and reallllllyyyy like playing basketball in the cool evenings with my great family! =) And also am looking forward to gym night at church. Volleyball, here I come! ;)
    Do you like to travel? Sometimes, but I usually stay home to "hold down the fort". Our goats can't care for themselves you know! ;)
    If so, where have you always wanted to go? I really want to go to Ireland, Scotland, Prince Edward Island, Hawaii, France, Switzerland, Australia, and New Zealand. (also loads of other cool places, but those are the ones off the top of my head. ;)
    And what is your favorite place you have gone before? Probably Seal Rock and Depot Bay OR. We went with friends last summer, and it was a great trip! :)

    Some of my good friends went to the Homeschool Conference. And they really liked it. Hope I hope I'll be able to go next year! :)
    P.S. Have you ever been to Fort Vancouver?

  4. In what country/state do I live? Kansas
    How many siblings do I have? Seven
    What is my favorite thing to do in the summer? G on weekend camping trips as a family!
    Do you like to travel? I love traveling!! I'd like to go to Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Brazil, England, and Israel.
    What is your favorite place you've been to before? Vancouver B.C It's so beautiful there! Almost enchanted.

  5. Thanks for all the comments everyone! :) (have I said that before?)
    @Megs: No, I have never gone to Fort Vancouver...another place to add to my "Places to Go" list. :P

    1. Oh, I hope you'll be able to go! It's sooo much fun! =D
      My family volunteers at the Fort, and we get to dress up in 1840's period correct costumes! :D (long dresses, petticoats, corsets and everything!) If you ever get to come, you should defiantly come when an event is happening! So much to see and do! =D

    2. Oh WOW!!! I REALLY want to go now! But...corsets?? Do you really have to wear CORSETS?? :O Oh my! :D

    3. Well, my Mom, big sister, and I do wear corsets. But not all the ladies there have too. (Mom's and my dresses are made to have a corset underneath. :P) Some wear "Metis" dresses. (pronounced May-tee or Muh-tee) And most of the women that dress like Metis don't wear corsets. (Metis are "half-breeds". For instance, if a English man married a Indian woman, their children would be Metis. The boys/men at the fort are called Laborers or Voyagers. pronounced Voy-a-zures. It's French. ;) The corsets don't actually hurt like they seem like they would, but they do if you tighten them too much... :P
      One thing I love about participating in Fort events, (besides the great history learning!) is the dancing. It's so fun! Don't worry, it's not one-on-one dancing like waltzing. The dances are like what they do on Pride and Prejudice and Wives and Daughters! :D YouTube the dances Comical Fellow and Trip to Paris. They are my favorites! :)
      The next big event we're having is on June 14th, its called the Brigade Encampment. Really fun, you should come! :D

    4. Sounds fun! (Even the outfits! :P) I've actually never danced in my life, but I have enjoyed watching others dance (Prince & Prejudice etc...) Oh! I wish we could! :) It would be fun!


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