Saturday, May 24, 2014

Family Vacation: Cannon Beach, OR

Well, needless to say, our family has been going through an especially crazy time of busyness. We had a lot of deadlines to make and events to go to. Mom and Dad decided to bless our family with a much-needed vacation, and we went to one of our favorite places...Cannon Beach, Oregon.
Haystack Rock: a well-known landmark of Cannon Beach

We had a great time simply relaxing. This included a lot of playtime at the beach, (it was VERY windy),

shopping around the town, and visiting the Tillamook Cheese Factory (home of our family's favorite cheese. :)

Tillamook icecream is delicious! :)

God blessed us with beautiful weather while we were there,
and a wonderful time with each other. I was constantly reminded how grateful I should be for each and every one of my family. I love them all SO MUCH!! Hope you enjoyed the pictures! :)


  1. That looks like so much fun! Living in a land-locked state we don't get to get to beaches very often at all! I'd love to visit the west coast some day. The farthest west I've been is Salt Lake City, Utah when I was about 4 years old. Needless to say, that was a long time ago. :)

    1. Oh, that would be so fun if you could come up to WA! Drop in to our house and say hi if you ever do! :D

  2. Hi Rebekah!

    It is good to see some pictures of the family. I can tell you all enjoyed yourselves so much.
    Visiting beaches is fun. It just so happens that I was in the south of the West Coast, at Malibu Beach, CA. The water there is much warmer than Cannon Beach (and there are billion dollar homes along the beach front). We also saw a couple of sharks!

    I look forward to seeing you all in a couple days.

  3. Sharks! Wow! Can't wait until you get home big bro! :) We miss you!

  4. Oh! I love the beach!! ^_^
    So pretty! Glad you all had fun! :)
    I LOVE the Tillamook Cheese Factory! We visited it last summer! We didn't get any ice cream, :(
    But we did try the cheese samples, my favorite was probably the Habanero Jack. Yummmm! ^_^
    But oh, that Garlic Chili Pepper Cheddar Cheese sounds great! ;)
    Oh yeah, great pictures by the way! =D

    1. The Garlic Chili Pepper is good! I had some of it today in fact! :P How far do you live from the factory? Our family is about five hours away...

    2. Well, I looked it up, and were about two hours away. :)

    3. Depending on the direction, that means you're either seven or three hours away from us. Cool. :D


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