Sunday, January 18, 2015

Cannon Beach

This was a herd of elk that was about 200 feet from our van! We were able to stop safely alongside the road and get some pictures. I circled the one bull elk. Can you see it's set of antlers?

Yes, I had a wonderful time! :) Yes, all the days  (except for the days we were travelling to and from Cannon Beach) had beautiful weather, and I hardly ever used my coat. It was great. Every evening, except the last day of course, we spent in the Conference Center's gym and played Ping-Pong, Volleyball, Football, Ultimate Frisbee, Pool, etc. We made new friends and I was able to add some PE hours to my school record! (Yay! :P)

Here's a quick overview of how our week went:

Day 1: We mostly traveled this day, but we did stop at Fort Clatsop and look around. I got some good pictures, and got some pictures taken of me too.

This is a statue of Sacagawea, friend and interpreter for Lewis & Clark
during their expeditions. I couldn't help getting in there and taking a
picture beside her. She doesn't make me feel short! :P
This is a picture of Fort Clatsop from the outside. It's not very big is it?
Can you imagine having to spend a Washington winter in that?
Sounds and looks miserable to me!
Here's some more pictures of the fort:

This was where Lewis & Clark landed in their canoes.

This photo was hard not to photo bomb... :P

Day 2: This was our shopping in Cannon Beach/walking down to Haystack Rock day, and that's exactly what we did. (Surprise! :) Here's some pictures.
Shopping with the family, so we
stopped for a quick picture.

Ocean in view, oh the joy! :)

There's everyone looking at stuff in the tide pools.

There I am, on Haystack Rock! :)
My hair was not behaving itself and kept insisting on
being a lion's mane. :P

Yes, I'm posing. :P

Day 3: We hopped in the van and drove to Seaside to do some shopping there as well as doing the arcade games and eating lunch at Fultano's. (Their pizza is pretty good, but I still am bias towards Sarah's. :P)

Day 4: Last day in Cannon Beach. :( We pretty much spent that day packing everything back up into the van and driving home. Nothing very exciting.

I don't look at all like a crane, do I? :P
I'm always sad to go home after having so much fun on vacations, but once we're packed up and on our way, usually I find out how exhausted I really am. Then I'm glad we're on our way home. :)

God bless your week, and I hope you enjoyed having a quick peek into our vacation! :)


  1. That looks like fun! I've been the the Atlantic ocean, but the farthest west I've ever been is Salt Lake City, Utah when I was about 5 for my uncle's wedding. That's a great picture of the ocean!

    1. It was! :) Wow, you've been to Salt Lake City? I've always wanted to visit there! I love taking pictures of the ocean, although it's sometimes difficult with the waves always changing shapes. :)

  2. You look like you had so much fun! Thank you for sharing the photos! Love the "crane" one. :D It looks like you're doing a Kung Fu Panda stance!
    I have been to Oregon several times, but not for a long period of time. The places I've been are CA, OR, WA, ID, and MT. Not very many places. :P But I know every inch of my territory here in our part of WA. I know so many places that most people who've lived here their whole lives don't know about! That's always fun. :)
    Thanks for sharing your experiences with us!


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