Thursday, January 8, 2015

My New Year Resolutions

I haven't got a lot of them, but I thought I might as well write down some of the ones I did make and ask you: Did you make New Year Resolutions? If so, what were they?

Here's mine:

1: Read through the Bible in a year with other people from our church
2: Grow closer to God and my family
3: Get better at driving and learn to drive our family's twelve passenger van
4: Be a little better about keeping my belongings organized
5: Start buying my own clothes and shoes on a regular basis
6: Finish writing at least one of my books, hopefully more
7: Get it/them self-published
8: Make new friends
9: Finish math! (forever!)


  1. Is this a "Rebekah Thing" that we both picked the same background for our blogs? :) I didn't really make any New Year's Resolutions. At least not that I wrote down. But I do have a list of things I'm trying to get done. Does that count? :)

    1. I guess so! :P I liked this background because it wasn't too flashy, simply pretty. :)
      Oh yes, I would say that definitely counts! :) In fact, that's kind of what my "resolutions" are every year...


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