Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Q&A Session w/ Me! :)

Jesseca Dawn gave me these questions in her Liebester Award post, so I'm going to answer them as well, simply because I enjoy answering questions and hopefully y'all will enjoy reading my quirky answers. ;P So, here you go:

1. What type of books do you like reading the most? (i.e fiction, non-fiction)
I read fiction more...but I enjoy reading both. Though, that reminds me...I really ought to get some NON-fiction read during this summer...

2. Do you enjoy writing? If so, what do you like to write about?
Umm...YES!!!! I write about pretty much everything, but all my stories involve either siblings or friends saving something from something. More or less. :P I do like writing about girls and their horses... (surprise) :)
3. You've suddenly been transported back in time.  Where do you choose to go?
It'd be really neat to meet Jesus...but I'd also enjoy going back the medieval times and meet real knights and princesses... :)
4. What is your favorite kind of weather?
SUNSHINE!!! Not too hot, but sunshine none the less.
5. What is your favorite chore?
This is gonna sound a little weird, but my favorite chore is washing dishes... I know, I'm a bit odd that way. :P
6. If you could go back in history and change something, what would it be?
I'd want to keep our nation from going away from its Christian Heritage.
7. Someone just handed you a plane ticket to wherever you've been longing to go. Where are you going?
The British Isles! (aka: Scotland, Ireland, and England)
8. What is your favorite Bible verse?
Can I have more than one favorite verse? Job 39:19-25 is my favorite passage. Look it up and you'll see why. :)
9. You're scheduled to speak before a large crowd. What are you speaking about?
Horses in the Bible! I've even already got notes on that one! :P
10. You're handed a piece of sheet music, given a piano and asked to play without any practice. What do you do?
Let everyone know that I'm terrible at sight-reading, then do the best I can. Probably by plunking out the main melody or doing just the right hand.
11. Jeans or skirts?
It all depends on the occasion. If I'm going somewhere where I want to look my best, I'll wear a skirt, but if I'm planning on doing some activity where a skirt would be inappropriate, I'd wear jeans. I feel a lot more comfortable in skirts, and I wear skirts a lot more than jeans...but there are times when wearing a skirt is even immodest!
Occasion calls for skirt. :)
So...there you have it. Hope you enjoyed reading my answers! :D


  1. Fun answers. :) And I liked that you included so many pictures. Made it even more enjoyable.

    1. Thank you. I'm glad you liked the pictures. :)

  2. Thanks for answering the questions ;) My favorite chore is washing dishes as well. . .or just cleaning the kitchen in general! :)

    1. You're very welcome. I had fun answering them! :) Yay, a fellow lover of washing dishes! :P I haven't known many. ;)

    2. You should all come to our house and do the dishes for us!!!!! :P

  3. Might that someone give you two plane tickets? I'd like to visit the British Isles as well! :)

  4. HaHa That Job passage! I also enjoy hearing about the awesomeness of horses from the Bible! :P


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