Thursday, September 1, 2016

Editing, Roller Coasters, and a Birthday

Hello all and welcome to the month of September.

*screams hysterically*


I wake up one day and find that summer is almost past, my sister is getting married in TEN DAYS, and I'm an ADULT!!

I don't know about you, but my month has been nothing short of awesome...but a kind of in a bittersweet way, because, well, summer is nearing its end. August has been my favorite month of the year ever since I actually picked a favorite...which was like five years ago, and now it's over. :(

Here's what has happened to me during August:

As you probably know by now, there's been a lot of wedding preparations going on up here. Mostly buying candles, decorations, and brownies (since Sarah's not a huge fan of cake. And who would take cake over BROWNIES?? Especially brownies with ice cream...but I digress.)
My parents celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary, which I was kind of in charge of. Which was kind of scary. But, hey, I pulled it off (with a lot of help from grandparents, siblings, cousins, and aunts) that was good. :)
Also, we've been celebrating a handful of birthdays. My mom (who is now officially twenty-five ;) my sister Margaret (she's twenty??? How did that amount of time go by so fast?) my cousin Jubi (who is six now) and the very end of the month, on August 30th, I became an adult. I don't FEEL that old, but boy, something about the number 18 is a little intimidating.
Image result for august quotes
Not sure how much of that is true...but I AM August at least that part. ;)
Guys, guess what. I got contacts. O.O Not sure what I think of them so far, except that it makes driving in non-subscription sunglasses a lot easier. ;) I can now actually READ the big "STOP" word on stop signs without glasses perched upon yon pointed thing. Still, I've worn glasses since I was tenish, so walking around with nothing on mah face still feels weird. (That, and having to shove things into my eyes...also weird, and all my carefully engrained Jedi reflexes protest to the invasion each morning.)
For my sister's bachelorette party, my two older sisters, their best friend (and the piano player for the wedding as well as a fellow blogging friend of mine and person who goes to our church) and I all drove out to an amusement park. This particular amusement park we all had fond memories of from our childhood. "Enchanted Village", now known as "Wild Waves", was last frequented by me at least seven years ago. I was so excited to go back and create new memories...although a lot of the rollercoasters were smaller than I remembered them. Here's a reenactment of a favorite ride we did:
Back then...

...and now. Some things never change. ;)
I learned one important thing from the trip (other than the fact that I have a very strong stomach and can therefore handle pretty much every rollercoaster you might throw at me. Figuratively, not literally. ;) Never say older sisters are boring. They WILL prove you wrong
Heading out...we look like we could be
spies or something with all of us in our
sunglasses. :)

The teacup ride. (a.k.a the spin-yourself-around-as-fast-as-humanly-possible-without-loosing-your-lunch ride.)

The carousal...because, what's a theme park without one?
It's the ultimate, classic ride. ;) Plus, #horses. :)
(Also, check out mah face with no glasses! O.O)

The Pirate ship ride. Unfortunately, Sarah didn't want to risk sitting on the we sat towards the middle (which was incredibly boring). Don't worry, I braved the edge later in the day and fully conquered it. ;)

This is Madi, me, Sarah, and Margaret

Because we didn't see that sign on the tree that said "Do not climb on the dragon" until AFTER the picture was taken. Yeah. Whoops.

We found out that none of us were King Arthur.
I was a little disappointed.


I named him ChocoLatte.
And because chocolate and coffee are both awesome.
Need I mention that fact? 

A couple handsome dudes perched by and watched us eat our lunch. I think they were jealous. ;)

Oh yeah, THIS is what I call a ROLLER COASTER.
And points to Margaret for being brave enough to join me. }:)

No, I didn't buy all these. Sorry. ;)

Ahh, I love these girls. <3

Me n' my sis. Is she worried? Don't ask.
It was probably my fault. ;)

I did not get enough reading done this month. Instead, I worked away at wedding stuff, my parents 25th anniversary, and editing. But more on that later. However, I did pick up some awesome free reads (thank you mah friends who tell me about these deals. ;) Which are below:



I think I maybe wrote two chapters in "Ocean Mist"? But hey, I got a lot of editing done, and even added a whole scene in "The Princess & I" per request from one of my editors. (Ya know who ya are) It involves a cooking pan and a tree. B-) Besides that, I made some changes in the first couple chapters, and in doing so, will have to make some changes to future chapters. *sigh* Ah, yes, the never ending job. But, I have hopes of finishing both "The Princess & I" as well as "Alice & Alyssa" by Thanksgiving. But we'll see. :) Right now, I'm focusing on getting over the wedding and staying on top of the editors advice. Which can be tricky say the least.
Favorite Quotes I Found During August:

Image result for writing quotes
Image result for when something goes wrong
 Image result for writing quotes
Image result for Creative Writing Quotes
Favorite Blog Posts:
Goals I Reached:
1. Finish writing "The Princess & I" (*gasps and cheering*)
Yep folks, I reached a grand total of ONE goal accomplished this month. *hides face* But, I have to say, some of the other goals were NOT MY FAULT (to quote Han Solo). For example, I haven't finished editing my books yet because I'm waiting for my editors to finish. And I told them there wasn't a huge time pressure. So.
Goals for September:
1: Edit "The Princess & I" as well as "Alice & Alyssa"
2: Finish writing "Ocean Mist"
3: Write two poems
4: Doggone it girl, write those book reviews already!!
5: Be a bridesmaid *smiles sweetly* #firsttimeever
How was your month? Anything spectacular happen? (Anything MORE spectacular than roller coasters? Cause if so, I salute you...and I want to hear what it could possibly be.) Having editing troubles? (I feel your pain) Advice? (PLEASE GIVE)
Curious about that extra scene I added? (Good, now you'll HAVE to buy the book. }:) *evil laughter*)


  1. Oh, looks like you all had fun at the amusement park! Those are so fun. :D
    Love the quotes. The "why I write" one is funny. XD
    Well, my month was slightly spectacular. Our family visited the Ape Caves! Those are so cool. You ever been there?
    And oh yes. Editing trouble is what I have. I think I've got "editor's block". ;)

    1. We most certainly did! :)
      Oh, WOW! That sounds like a lot of fun too! I've never been there, but I would love too at some point. Where are they located?
      Ikr?? *sigh* It's so hard to change sometimes...even when you know the change is for the better. :)

    2. The Ape Caves are near Mt. St. Helens. :)
      If you get to go to them, maybe we'll come up and give you a tour! ;)
      Definitely. Changing sure can be hard...

    3. Ok. It would be so fun to make that work out! And I'd love to have you give us a tour! ;) I'll have to check these caves out! ^_^

  2. I enjoyed reading all about your month, Rebekah! :)
    Wow, I didn’t realize that your sister was getting married so soon! That’s so special that you’re going to be one of the bridesmaids. :)
    That amusement park looks super fun! :D I went to a carnival back in June with some of my brothers and some friends. It was a lot of fun.
    I had a great month too!

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed this post! It's so hard for me to believe that her wedding is so close too! These last couple months have gone by SO FAST.
      Oh wow! That sounds like a lot of fun too! Glad to hear your month went well!

  3. Wow! Sounds like a great, fun, full month, Rebekah!! :) Hahaha, I love the 'normal' quote. XD

    This blog design.... *shrieks* *gushes over it* It is soooo gorgeous. I love it! <3

    1. It was! :) I'm still reeling a little from all the activities. XD I love that quote too. Hence it made it into my blog post. ;)

      THANK YOU! I love how classy, but chic, but awesomely amazing it is too! I stumbled across it the other day and was like "Oh my goodness, this is THE blog template for me!!"

  4. Oh, I LOVE the new blog look!! :D
    Oh, both Orphan Journey books are excellent!!! I think you'll love them! :)
    "Wild Waves" looks so awesome! ^_^ And I love your horse, and his name is PREFECT!
    Yay!! So excited you finished 'The Princess and I'!!
    I love those writer quotes. ;)
    Oh, one of my posts made your list!! I'm so glad you enjoyed that post; it was SO MUCH FUN to get everyone's different "big family quirks" :)
    Wow, looks like your September will be busy!! And only a week till Sarah gets married!! Ahhh!! It must be crazy at y'all's house! You will post pictures after the wedding, right?! :D
    Oh, editing. I just got my book back from my editor and I'm just like... yeah. *shoves it aside to look at later* ;P
    One thing that helps me edit, though, is getting a book I've been wanting to read for a while and propping it up in front of me at the computer. And I can't read it till I've finished my editing goal. It give me motivation to edit. ;)
    And yes, I'm super, SUPER interested about that scene!! I'll definitely be buying the book to read it. ;)

    1. Thanks! Isn't it simply GORGEEEEEEEEEOUS? :)
      I'll have to look into the other ones. I really enjoyed the ones I read last month. :)
      It was awesome! And I miss poor ChocoLatte. Next time I go to Wild Waves I'll have to ride him again. <3
      Aren't they great? XD
      Feel honored. ;) Just kidding. ;) Your post was absolutely hilarious and perfect. ^_^ I laughed so hard reading all the different/similar big family quirks. XD
      Ikr??? GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!! But yes, I will be posting LOTS of pictures. Prepare yourself. ;)
      Oooo...I should try that. XD Oh, GOOD. You are going to LOVE it. B-)

  5. Contacts + Rollercoasters = one amazzzzzing blog post :D

  6. Your new blog look is so awesome!! I love yellow and gray together ^.^ Those quotes from Pinterest are awesome!! And it looks like you had so much fun with your sisters! :D Happy 18th and welcome to the world of adulting 0.0 Totally not as scary as people make it out to be. And yay for your sister's wedding!!! I can't wait to see pictures :D And don't worry about the reading thing. Didn't really happen for me in August either XD I shall strive to continue editing your story so you have more work to do on it ;P Have a great September!! :D

    1. Thank you! I fell in love with it the minute I saw it on TCBOTB website and fiddled around until it worked with my blog. Haven't figured out how to have a blog description yet...but ya know, I could go without. Not the first time. ;)
      Ah, yes. Pictures. You guys are going to be completely drown in a waterfall of pictures sometime next week. B-) Just thought I'd warn you. ;) Take a breath now. :)
      I look forward to hearing (perhaps reading would be a better word here) your advice! :) You alphas and betas have been SO. HELPFUL.
      You too! :)

  7. The quote is hilarious and totally true.
    "Normal is a setting on a wash machine which nobody wants to be."

  8. *jealous glare because you got to read Water Princess Fire Prince*

  9. Sorry, this comment is 5 days late. Been working my way through all these wonderful monthly highlight posts ;) Oh, and LOVE the new blog design! So pretty and bright! :)

    Hurrah for your 18th birthday!!! ^_^

    Oohh…contacts! Nice! How long did it take you to put them in the first time? Having been able to persuade myself to wear them on an everyday basis, but maybe someday ;)

    Hehe, that picture of the dragon and sign is hilarious xD

    And yes, the Google+ page thingofamabob. It’s . . . different. And I can’t figure out how to comment on people’s posts :P

    1. You're fine. It sometimes takes me awhile to comment on other people's posts too...right now I'm terrible at keeping up with all my blogging friends. FOUR MORE DAYS AND I WILL BE SANE AGAIN (maybe).
      Thank you! *bows* If you haven't noticed from previous replies...I do too. ;)
      Oh forty-five minutes or something. It was horrible. The eye doctor told me that as long as I had them in by the time the store closed at seven, I was good. LOL. XD I did manage THAT feat. ;)
      Isn't it? We were so scatterbrained that day, I wasn't at all surprised that we forgot to check for something like that. *rolls eyes* Sheesh.
      Ikr? I opened my profile one day and was like "WAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIT a minute!!! What's going on here? When did this happen? Why is it all weird?" Still trying to get used to it. *shakes head*


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