Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Officially Old (a.k.a. I had a Birthday Today)

Hi. I'm Eighteen.

I know, not much of an introduction. In fact *squints* IS that even an introduction? Nope. Not really.

And, if you couldn't tell from those first few sentences...

Image result for Sayings Happy Birthday to Me
Pink...just for the guy bloggers out there. ;)

So please excuse me while I run around screaming at the top of my lungs. Outside, per my family's request.

Thank goodness you can't hear me. XD

After looking back...WAAAAAAAAAAAAY back to my seventeen-year-old birthday post, I realized that now...I am officially old. *cries* WHY DO PEOPLE HAVE TO GROW UP? (Age wise. I'm all for maturity. :P)

Here are some goals for my eighteenth year:

1: Grow closer to my Lord and Savior
2: Self-publish "The Princess & I" as well as "Alice & Alyssa" and possibly a volume of poetry(?)
3: Make new friends
4: Make a ton of awesome blog posts ;)
5: Start college (gulp)

For fun, I thought I'd give you some of our family quirks when it comes to birthdays:
1: The birthday child does NOT get out of work or school on their special day. (Except if you are lucky enough to have a summer birthday, then you don't have to do school. ;)
2: Those who have a birthday are given a special gift from their parents in the morning.
3: Often, we have a small competition to see who can say "Happy Birthday" to the growing child first.
4: NO special breakfasts or lunches...although sometimes we are able to choose a dinner.
5: The sibling closest to you in age (that's older than you) usually says something along the lines of "Ahhhh, yes I remember that year..."
6: SOMETIMES we get to sleep in.

And here are a few things I've discovered about getting a year older:
-I don't ever FEEL a year older
-Time really DOES seem to go by faster
-I will continue calling myself "seventeen" until about three months before turning nineteen. ;)
-It's more startling to realize one of your siblings had a birthday than to have one myself
-Characters I create get older as I do
-Life only gets busier
-God only gets more wonderful
-It gets tempting to become cynical about life, BUT I WILL PREVAIL

Any questions you want to ply me with? I may have stolen this idea from Mary, my almost-birthday-buddy... Ask me anything...within reason (I will not answer unless I think your question is appropriate, so do me a favor and ask awesome ones) and I will answer! Sometime after the wedding I'll write all my answers, along with the questions and who gave them...so HAVE FUN!!

Before I go, here's a verse that has become my theme verse for life:

Image result for Psalm 25: 4-5


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY REBEKAH!!!! Hope you have an awesome, fantabulous, amazing 18th year!!! :D

    And hehe, love the 'family quirks' you shared ;D

    1. Thank you! :)

      Just a glimpse into the way our family works. ;)

  2. Happy, happy Birthday! *throws confetti*
    Becoming an adult is pretty cool, huh? (But, also slightly scary, no?) ;)
    Hope you have a wonderful day! :D

  3. Happy Birthday, Rebekah!!!!! I share the feeling that though you may be older, you don't feel older. I remember sitting down on a bed and thinking, trying to decide just how old I felt. I came to the conclusion that I felt 16 even though I really was 21. :P

    Questions . . . ;)
    If you had the opportunity to see what God had in store for you in 5 years, would you take it?
    Could you see yourself still writing books in 10 years?

    1. I know, right? It's weird.
      Ooo...good questions! Thanks for asking them. :)

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYY!!!! We both had milestone birthdays this year. :O I don't feel any older either, although I STILL can't believe an entire year has gone by! I mean, WHY MUST TIME PASS SO QUICKLY??? It's just rude.

    (Also, I totally call myself the wrong age for like 8 months after my birthday. XD It's always so awkward when someone will ask me how old I am, and I just stand there fumbling around for an answer for five seconds. :P)

    YOU STOLE MY Q&A IDEA. HOW COULD YOU? (Totally kidding! I actually love it that you decided to do the same thing. ^_^) Ooh, okay, let me think for a minute...

    1. Would you rather have to say everything in a rhyme or a song?

    2. Do you like cake better or ice cream? (I had to ask, seeing as it's your birthday. ;D)

    3. What's one question you dread people asking? (For example, I always dread people asking me what career I'm pursuing.)

    4. Would you rather own a pet hedgehog or chinchilla? (If you don't know what chinchillas look like, look them up. They're ADORABLE!)

    5. If you had to pick between cutting off all your hair and never having it grow back or dying your hair green (and never being able to change it), which would you choose?

    6. What time period would you live in if you had to choose one? (Sorry, it can't be the present. ;D)

    That's all I've got for now! Feel free to pick whichever ones you want to answer. ^_^ HAPPY BIRTHDAY, REBEKAH!!!

    1. Aw, thanks so much almost-birthday-buddy! :) IKR???? It's like I watched five years of my life flash before my eyes! >.<
      Ohmiword, that has happened to me SO MANY TIMES. It makes me feel SO unintelligent. ;)
      Thanks for the questions! You gave me some veery good ones. :) I'm going to have SO MUCH FUN answering these. XD

  5. Happy birthday!! :D
    I remember turning 18, that was a few years ago and now my middle sister has just left being 18! Ahh! I often times dread getting older, all my friend are changing, ie. One got married and now has a daughter, another got a job and I haven't seen them in months... Yeah. :)
    So, what was the first thought that ran through your mind when you remembered it was your birthday after you woke up this morning?

    1. Thank you! (Why do I feel like every reply has started this way? XD)

  6. Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday too you! You looks like a.... Okay, we'll skip that line. XD

    Questions? Hmm... Here's a few.

    *thought of one a few minutes ago and now cannot remember it* Oh yes!
    1) What's been your favorite age thus far?
    2) How old were you when you started blogging?
    3) What was the first blog you followed?
    4) What's your favorite birthday gift you ever received? Favorite of the past 3 years?

    1. XD I appreciate that. Thank you for your questions! I'm going to have so much fun answering these. }:)

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :D Ahhhh, sooo exciting!! I hope your day is outstanding!!

    Oh, you guys don't get out of work?! We're "supposed" to, but...I think I've ended up cooking or doing some such thing on every one of my birthdays. Which I don't mind; it's weird to not have to do anything! ;)

    Okay, some questions for you... ;)

    #1. What is your favorite memory from the past year?

    #2. What is something the Lord has taught you this last year?

    #3. Favorite fictional character you met this year? (Your own or someone else's character.)

    #4. If you had the chance to travel all around the U.S visiting every state, or traveling to Europe, which would you choose?

    #5. If you were alive in WWII, would you rather be an underground contact in Nazi-controlled Austria, an OSS agent working undercover in Berlin, or the pilot of a fighter plane flying over Nazi-controlled Paris?

    1. It was absolutely awesome. I think I read about three books and wrote a chapter in "Ocean Mist" as well as editing *sigh* (I know that hardly counts as free time...but I DO want my books published. So.) as well as watching a part of Pride & Prejudice. :) We ate donuts on Saturday. Yep, go ahead and be jealous. :P
      Thanks for your questions, and your e-mail made my day! ^_^

  8. ACK happy birthday!! girl we are only 4 days apart in BD dates (but a year in age so..whatever lol)

    hmmm..... QUESTION TIME *claps hands together* I love this kind of stuff...mwuahaaa

    Last time you flossed?

    *runs off laughing*


      *mentally tells self to floss every night until answering that question*


      Ooo! Another almost-birthday-buddy! When is your birthday??

  9. Happy (late) 18th Birthday, Rebekah!!!! :D


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