Friday, August 12, 2016

As an Aspiring Author...

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As an aspiring author, I am an...
(of Course)
(of Stories)
(of Unknown Worlds)
(of Favorite Characters)
(of Strange Things)
>>Explorer <<
(of Various Computer Document Programs)

(of...Dreams? And Also Story Ideas)

(of a Lot of Things)

(of AT LEAST Ten Journals...Probably More)

(of My Own Languages)

(of In the Moment Inspiration)

(of Catch it When You Can)

(of Other People's Books)


(of Too Many Characters to Count)

(of Odd Facts)

(of Myself and Anyone Else Who Needs Help)

(of My Writing and Other People's)

(of...Also My Writing and Other People's)

(of Old Stories)

 (of Time, Sweat, and Tears)

(of Critical and Encouraging comments...both Appreciated)

(of Hope, Despair, Joy, Discouragement, Excitement,
and Pretty much Every Other Feeling You Can Think Up)

(of Thousands of Lives in My Stories)

(of Depression)

(of Terrible First Drafts)

(of Reusable Story Lines)

(of Multiple Cliffhangers)

(of Several Stories)
Are you?


  1. Yep. All the above, except that I don't usually kill off my characters. Hmm. I have a few times during war or because they were the villains and received their just due, but . . . :) Great post! :)

    1. I only added that one because I killed off a favorite character of mine in a book recently. O.o I won't say who, because that would be a MAJOR PLOT SPOILER. But I'll drop the hint just to make y'all curious. B-)

  2. Yesss, that murderer thing! And favorite character...*sniff*
    I had a couple of my alpha readers who read my book threaten to kill me, throw the book at me, etc. Don't they realize it was just as hard for me to write it as it was for them to read it?!
    Ahem. Anyway. ;P
    I loved reading through this list! I can identify with all of them. ;) And I LOVE the picture you used!! :)

    1. I know...*sigh* But sometimes, it just HAS to be done.
      Oh dear! I'm getting this bad feeling that life-threats are going to come my way when y'all read who I killed. *puts hand over mouth*
      Aw, thank you! ^_^ I liked it too. SO TRUE.

    2. Hmm, I'm going to guess who you killed ... William? That's literally the only person I can think of other then the king. xD

  3. I LOVE THIS SO MUCHLY. *is seriously considering stealing your idea*

    This is awesome, Rebekah. I love it. ;)

    1. I'll simply ask that you give credit where credit is due. ;) I would be thrilled if you "stole" my idea and shared it with others! :) So glad you liked it. It gave me some amusement, so I thought you all would appreciate it. :)

  4. YASSSSSSSSSSS. I am definitely a "finder" and a "murderer" ... *angelic smile*

    1. Aren't we all. ;) Thanks for the comment and welcome to my corner of the world! :)


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