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A Novel Idea: Facts & Figures

Hello all! I'm here to give you another ANI post! I know, I have not been as regular with these as I wanted too, but please forgive me because I'm trying to edit two books and get one of them off to alpha/beta-readers by tonight. *takes deep breath*

So, blog posts may be a bit scarcer. :) Still working on my book reviews people. *hides* I know, I know, it's baaaaaaaaaaad.

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The Prompt:
This week, make a list of 20 things about your character. They can be as simple or unique as you want, but hopefully it will help you learn at least something new about your character and their backstory.

Again, I have a hard time picking one character when something like this comes up, so I'm going to do something a little different and give you all six "main" characters (I say main...but they aren't really ALL main characters. Don't have a heart attack) from "Ocean Mist". Which SOME of you may have been reading recently. *coughs emphatically* However, since I'm doing six characters in one post, I'm only going to give you ten facts on each, instead of twenty. Just so you don't get too bored. ;)

Facts on Nicole Daniels:
1: Pastor's daughter/twin (duh!)
2: Hates anything with more than four legs (although there are a few things she dislikes that have four legs or less)
3: Redhead *cue cheering*
4: Loves drawing anything, and is pretty good at it all things considered
5: Shameless coffee fanatic
6: Mostly quiet, but can speak her mind
7: Loves accessorizing (jewelry, scarves, sunglasses, etc.)
8: Has a remarkable memory of people she's met and places she's been
9: Dislikes being hugged, but will hug other people...if they're people she loves/trusts
10: An ice cream connoisseur (yes, that's TOTALLY a thing...and don't ask me how many times I misspelled it before giving up and looking it up in the dictionary. >.<)

Facts on Shawn Daniels:
1: Pastor's son/twin
2: Wears glasses
3: Dislikes uncleanliness (so, in other words, he's a Neat Freak)
4: Fastidious about his appearance (points for cool word ;)
5: Book nerd of the highest caliber
6: Reclusive and sarcastic
7: Easily irritable when stressed
8: Likes clothes shopping
9: Chews only mint gum
10: Stores the strangest assortment of facts in his brain and pulls them out to impress people

Facts on Ray Daniels:
1: Pastor's son
2: Naturally athletic
3: Obsesses over learning about and playing any and all sports
4: Appreciates music of all kinds (except of course the bad stuff)
5: Hates dancing (with a vengeance)
6: Fascinated by God's creation
7: Plays the guitar...sort of
8: Makes friends easily
9: Thinks karate is the coolest thing EVER
10: Major outdoorsy person

Facts on Dillon Blake:
1: Only child
2: Easy going, relaxed, rarely stresses out (these are all words that describe the same thing... sorry, just had to put in that Studio C quote)
3: Loves surprises
4: Fascinated by cars and how they're put together
5: Hopes to become a mechanic after college
6: Enjoys meeting new people
7: Plays mindless video games when bored
8: Wants to own a Ford Mustang someday
9: Tends to say whatever first comes to his mind without thinking about it first
10: Spontaneous, cheerful, and did I mention friendly?

Facts on Mark Darrel:
1: Youngest son in a family of five (he has two brothers ages 34 and 29)
2: 6'4" tall
3: Tends to be both careless and carefree
4: Very good at basketball and hopes to continue getting even better
5: Will stick his nose in other people's business
6: Hates being left out of anything, especially social events
7: Avid football fan, even though he doesn't play it himself
8: Confident, enthusiastic, and friendly to the point of creepiness
9: Has a high opinion of himself, but also the people around him
10: Jokes around a lot and loves to tease

Facts on Steven Brown:
1: Has one sister whom he affectionately calls "Bossy Bridget"
2: The owner of flaming red hair and a very hyper pug
3: An African American
4: Very shy, but does open up some to those closest to him
5: Secretly writes poetry, but would die before admitting it to his friends
6: Plays the guitar, banjo, and ukulele surprisingly well
7: Loves country music and rap
8: Dislikes being the center of attention
9: Despises crocodiles and alligators
10: Fascinated by sharks

Are you similar to any of my characters? If so, which one(s)? I'm probably closest to Nicole, although I'm far more outgoing than her. :) So more of a mixture between her and Ray.

I look forward to hearing your feedback! Comments thrill the socks off my feet.

When I'm wearing them.

Which is like...never.

Rephrase: Comments make me V. E. R. Y.  H. A. P. P. Y. So do me a favor and leave one below! ^_^


  1. Oh, these were super interesting to read! I always love learning more about different characters! :D

    1. Thank you! It helps to write stuff down about them. ;) That keeps each of them separated in my mind...which is SUPER HELPFUL!!!

    2. Totally liked this post. (That was a fragment but I am not going to go back and correct it because I am being weird today. Mondays. . .). KARATEISTHECOOLESTTHINGEVERHOWCANYOUNOTDISAGREE?!
      (That red squiggly line is all over the place, but who cares)


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