Sunday, August 30, 2015

Another Birthday

It's happened again. As it does every year. I had another birthday. Now I have to go through all my bios and change my age. Again.
Honestly though, I really don't mind. I love turning a year older, and I've been looking forward to it ever since I turned sixteen last year. ;)
But I also know that every year I get older, I will begin to get less excited about my birthday...and I'm not looking forward to that. So, while I can, I'm going to continue to be excited about getting older and, hopefully, more mature.

Here are a few things I look forward to doing during my seventeenth year:

1: Finishing school once and for all
2: Graduating
3: Making new friends
4: Getting to know my old friends better
5: Hopefully gaining wisdom
6: Getting better at driving
7: Finishing several of my books and self-publishing them

Those are only a few, but enough to give you a picture of what this year holds for me.

For fun, here is the definition of 17, the age I'm turning, as well as some random facts:

17 (seventeen) is the natural number following 16 and preceding 18. It is a prime number.
In spoken English, the numbers 17 and 70 are sometimes confused because they sound similar. When carefully enunciated, they differ in which syllable is stressed: 17 /sɛvɨnˈtn/ vs 70 /ˈsɛvɨnti/. However, in dates such as 1789 or when contrasting numbers in the teens, such as 16, 17, 18, the stress shifts to the first syllable: 17 /ˈsɛvɨntn/.
The number 17 has wide significance in pure mathematics, as well as in applied sciences, law, music, religion, sports, and other cultural phenomena.

Random facts on the number 17:

1. Seventeen is the number you’re most likely to pick if you’re asked to choose one at random.

2. Seventeen is the atomic number of chlorine.

3. Stegosaurus had 17 bony plates on its back.

4. The minimum possible number of givens for a Sudoku puzzle with a unique solution is 17.

5. The okapi is the only mammal that can clear its own ears with its tongue, which can grow to 17 inches (about 43 centimetres) long.

6. The middle verse in the New Testament is Acts 17:17.

7. The Smashing Pumpkins realeased a song called 17 that is 17 seconds long with no vocals. It comes with a poem and if you read this at a standard speed, you will finish at the end of the song.

8. At 17 weeks pregnant, if you were to hold your baby, she would fit snugly in the palm of your hand.

 9. Seventeen is the number of syllables in a haiku.

10. To call the police in France, you dial 17.

11. There are 17 different ways that a wallpaper design can repeat.

12. A cow's saliva increases by 17% while grazing.

13. Seventeen steps lead up to Sherlock Holmes' house at 221B Baker Street.

14. A wild goose will accept as its parent whatever creature it sees within its first 17 hours of life.

I'm going to finish this post with a song I wrote. The name of the song is "Lead Me Lord" and I hope you enjoy it:

Lead Me Lord:
Lead me Lord as I walk through this life,
Keep me pure in this world of strife.
Guide me Jesus I pray,
You are the only way.
Lead me Lord as I follow you,
I want to praise you with all that I do.
Guide me Jesus I pray,
You are the only way.
Show me Lord how to do Your will,
I need to learn to be patient and still.
When, one day, Your face I will see,
I know I'll live for eternity.
Lead me Lord.
And this is my prayer. For this year, and every year after. I need God's guidance with my life, as we all do. I rest in the assurance that He will always be by my side. No matter what I'm going through, He knows all my troubles and will take care of me no matter what.
God bless you all! Have a wonderful week! 


  1. Happy birthday, Rebekah! I hope you had a great day! :D

    Love all those random facts on the number 17 ;)

    1. Thank you! I love the random facts too. They made me smile. :)

  2. Happy Birthday!!!! 17 is my favorite number, and no that is NOT a joke!!
    And by the way number 10 is really funny!

  3. Happy birthday! I really appreciated the song you wrote; the words are so, so good.
    It was fun to read all the fun facts about the number 17. :D

    1. Thanks! I'm glad you liked my song and the random facts. :D

  4. Happy 17th birthday, Rebekah! All those random facts are great. I 'awww'ed at number 8. : )
    Wow! Amazing job on the song!!! =)


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