Sunday, May 14, 2017

To Mom: A Mother's Day Poem

I think most of us can admit that our moms have played one of the biggest parts in our lives. Most of us grew up with her as our teacher. Moms tend to be (in my experience :P) encouraging, sympathetic, and the greatest example of a Christian wife and mother. 
Ok, so I might be a tad bias...(not to boast, but I think I have the best mom by far)...but I thought all the amazing things my mom has done for me over the years deserved a poem. You are welcome to  share this poem with your own mothers if the sentiments apply. :) You're welcome. 
Let your mother know she's appreciated today. Once you've done something fabulous for her, drop by again and leave me a comment letting me know what it was. I want to hear about it! :D
To Mom: 
A Mother's Day Poem

My mom is pretty great,
I've watched her my whole life.
She might not be perfect,
But she can handle strife.

She's organized, she's kind,
And she's attractive too,
(My dad would want that in)
Ask anyone: it's true!

She's a great example 
Of Proverbs thirty-one,
A godly wife and mother,
And besides all that, she's fun!

Not every day is easy...
There's ups and there are downs.
My mom has made a few mistakes,
But her love for us abounds.

The job of being mother
Is not an easy task,
But my mom does it pretty well
Go find someone and ask!

Life is never boring
If mom is somewhere near.
She likes to bring us joy,
Mom really is a dear.

Movies, ice cream late at night,
Play dates and outings too,
Company over for dessert,
And those are just a few!

I could name way more than that 
Of things she's done for us
To make our lives so very nice
She deserves a huge A+!

Someday when I'm a mom,
She's who I want to mimic:
Godly, selfless, kind, and fun...
Yes, that would be quite epic.

Mom, this poem is for you
To show you just how much
I love you and appreciate
Your love for me and such.

These are the words that couldn't fit
Inside that card I gave,
The ones I needed to express
That Mom, you are my fav!! 

Happy Mother's Day to my mom especially, but to all you other moms out there too! You are loved. :) <3


  1. Cute, enjoyable poem. :) I do however, hate when people say their mom is the best mom ever, wow. You can't compare. If your mom was someone else, would your current mom still be the best? Just sayin'. ��

    1. Yeah, I guess it's all in perspective, huh? Thanks for your comment! Glad you enjoyed!

  2. Sweet poem!

  3. **************************************************************May 16, 2017 at 11:34 AM

    Love the poem!
    -Laura at

  4. That is so sweet. My mom thinks it's great! Keep up your awesome writing.


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