Thursday, October 15, 2015

A Hobbit House

Ok, I have to apologize about this post. It is WAAAYY over due. September in almost a month ago...some of my siblings and I went to The Brother's Greenhouse  in Port Orchard (you can visit the link by clicking on the name) with mom for a surprise visit of their Hobbit House!
Isn't it adorable? ;)
We had a lot of fun going inside the Hobbit House, taking pictures, besides exploring all the exotic plants and trees they grow there at the greenhouse.
A couple hobbits posing for me.
(Actually, these are my little brothers Sam and William)

Another posed picture of the inside of the Hobbit House.

Sam, who I nicknamed "Sam Gamgee", stoking the fire.

ALMOST the perfect height for me! ;)

Also, it was my little sister (well, she's not so little now) Tabitha's twelfth birthday! So this was a special treat for her. :)

Mom and the birthday girl! ;)
There was even a mini Hobbit House inside the gift shop that was even more cute than the big Hobbit House! (If such a thing could be possible) I almost wished I could shrink to the size of a large beetle and make it my home! ;)

Tiny, but adorable... ;) Wish it was life sized. *sigh*

Group Photo!
All in all, it was a really fun outing! I would love to go again at some point. We had a blast! :) Again, sorry for this post being a little late. I'll try to get you some more updates on life later.
Besides...I have a surprise post up my sleeve for sometime next week, so come back soon! B-)
God bless you all!


  1. Those are so cute, Rebekah! :) thanks for sharing.

  2. A Hobbit House! I've also wanted to see one of those but sadly, I don't know of any near me. A happy birthday to your little sister as well!


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