Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A Wedding, Editing, and Deadlines

Yep, I'm totally posting my September overview post four days into October. Get over it.
I mean really, HOW IS IT OCTOBER ALREADY???!?!? I had just gotten used to the idea of it being SEPTEMBER!!!! I want Summer back! *distant sobbing* ok, so fall is nice and everything...my second favorite season actually, but I STILL want Summer back! *wails hysterically*
Dis ma church. ^_^
So what all happened to me during September? I'm glad you asked! ;)

Was hectic. And crazy. And still is. (Did you notice I posted this late? If not, look at the date and slap yourself upside the face.) Yeah. You know the people who say life eventually returns to normal after big events? BIG, FAT LIARS. 
Anyways...*cough* as you all know, my oldest sister got married on September tenth. That sucked up a lot of our time and sleep, but we pulled it off. The ceremony was beautiful, and I am proud to say that I refrained from crying throughout the entire thing. Not a huge shock to me, since I usually get excited at things like that, not sad. 
Our church is blessed with an absolutely gorgeous view across the Puget Sound to Seattle and since the weather was beautiful, the pictures were absolutely stunning. :) (Yes I'm going to be posting pictures. Like in two days.) Sarah, who hates attention, and smiling and talking to people for hours on end, did a great job putting up with all of that. She and Jesse are now in their new home in Georiga, and Margaret and I are already planning a visit out that direction at somepoint next year. 
All right. Enough on that. You'll get more details along with the pictures that are going to be posted very soon. B-)
My Dad, brother, and sister had birthdays. Dad turned *cough**sneeze*, Maxwell turned 16 (good grief...NOW I feel old), and Tabitha turned 13 (a big deal in our family. She's getting a special birthday party this month). My younger siblings are growing up! *sniffle*
School has begun, at least for the children still in school. *smug smile* So I've been helping with that a lot as well as taking a college math course. (I know, ugh. Not fun. But, I'm getting college credit for it, so.) 
Our family got a cat (#firsttimeever). We haven't got one before because my dad is allergic to them. But, since we've been having trouble with rats and mice in our chicken coop and basement, we bought a barn cat. Since he will be staying outside at all times, we're hoping Dad's allergies won't bug him too much. The cat's official name is "Mouser", but I gave him the nickname "Hairy Baby" which fits him perfectly. ;) Here's some pictures for you cat lovers out there:
Pardon the bad quality of the pictures.
They were taken with my phone.

One word: ADORABLE

Favorite pastime: chewing on fingers...
and anything else that moves.

"Hairy baby....hairy baby!"


I was able to beta read for a friend of mine, (more on that later) and get some editing done (again, more on that later) but reading and writing did not go as well this month as it did during other months in Summer. *sigh* I TOLD you life was still hectic. I feel about a week behind in everything blog or writing related. But time just. won't. stop. 
My free time has suffered a little from a recent complication. Pinterest. Yes, I finally joined. And it's been awesome. A very helpful place to find a huge variety of things from quotes, to fashion, to hair styles, to character inspiration, to jokes. However, it can be very addicting. So I've had to time myself and how often I use it so I'm not overdoing it ever. Which is a big danger. You who also do Pinterest know what I'm talking about. 
So, now that THAT breaking news is out, go and find me on there. Because, you'll probably hear about brand new story ideas and characters on there before seeing it anywhere else. Pinterest has become my brainstorming place. (And I'm happy to say that I FINALLY learned how to spell Pinterest. It took me long enough.)

I read a grand total of two books this month. 
The Little Colonel Stories
Martin Hospitality
I know, groan with me. I told you my reading has suffered due to editing. However, The first book I listed up there was about three inches thick and divided into three separate stories, so can I count it as three? Cause four sounds a lot better then two. But, I have some good reading materiel at my fingertips for this month, so hopefully next month will be better. I'm not taking a poll for a new book to review because I really just need to crack down and review the other three I have on the shelf. 

I wrote a chapter and a half in "Ocean Mist" which I'm hoping to finish this month. Which means I need to really focus on FINISHING IT. Seriously, I've procrastinated on it long enough. I think the approximate number of words I wrote in September, not counting blog posts or letters or emails or comments, was less then 3,000. Read it and weep.

I got a lot more done editing wise, but due to some of my betas sending in similar feedback, and difficulties dealing with the PDF or Word Doc, I'm thinking about switching to Google Docs and using that. If you're a beta reader, let me know if this would be helpful or not. To save you time, I can put in the advice you've already given me if you (understandably) don't want to start over completely.  ;) Just a thought. 

Goals Reached:
1: Edit "The Princess & I" as well as "Alice & Alyssa" (So, technically, I did edit them both some, though I didn't finish...that counts, right?)
5: Be a bridesmaid *smiles sweetly* #firsttimeever (Been there, done that.) 
I know, I know. 2 out of 5. It's baaaaad, but hopefully next time I'll do better. 

Goals to Reach:
1: Edit "The Princess & I" and "Alice & Alyssa"
2: Finish writing "Ocean Mist"
3: Try vlogging 
4: Write a poem
5: Read at least five books
6: Reach forty blog followers, twenty Pinterest followers
7: Get my drivers license 
8: Host two guest posts (anyone interested? Comment below!)

And there you have it. My month of September passed crazy fast but still required a whole blog post. How was your month? (If you haven't already posted all about it on your own blog.) Anything BIG happen? What's your five favorite fall festivities? (Let's just take a moment to admire my alliteration please.) Eggnog or apple cider? Sweaters or hoodies? Coffee or tea? 


  1. I LOVE reading people's monthly wrap up posts! :)

    Eggnog or apple cider - we don't do either over here really
    Sweaters or hoodies - Hoodies all the wayyyyy
    Coffee or tea - TEA!!!

    So excited because it's Spring here! Whoop whoop!

    1. So glad you enjoyed! I had fun writing it...even though I was squeezing it in between helping siblings with math. ;)
      NO EGGNOG OR CIDER??? *cries for you* You should try them! They're both delicious. ;) Do you mostly drink tea and coffee over there? What other hot drinks do you consume during colder months?

  2. Lovely post. I don't think life has ever returned to "normal" since . . . Well, come to think about it, has it ever been normal? Nope, don't think so. At least not since I was in school and that was . . . *gulp* sixteen years ago!
    Please may I have some cider? I don't like coffee and never really cared for tea. :)
    I also have some editing I need to do this month! As well as layout my Christmas book so that can get finished. I haven't had much time to read either. So sad.
    Pinterest, huh? Yeah, be careful on there. ;) It steals time and won't give it back!

    1. Aw, thank you. :) No, life isn't ever really normal. Why is that even a word?
      Editing...*sigh* the authors never ending task. It does suck up a lot of time...but it is worth it to hold a published book in your hands. ;)
      I know. I'll try to come and find you on there! A brand new way to connect with friends! :)

  3. I enjoyed reading about your September, Rebekah! These type of posts are always fun to read. ;) September was busy for me too!
    Oh, I can’t wait to hear more about the wedding! :)
    Your new cat is really cute! :)
    Eggnog or apple cider…well, I’ve never tried eggnog and I don’t like apple cider.
    Sweaters or hoodies…I’d say hoodies.
    Coffee or tea…I don’t like coffee, but I do like tea. Ice tea though. :)

    1. They're fun to write too...if I can take the time to do it. ;)
      I think the wedding picture post is coming up in Friday. I was so impressed by the amazing photos that were taken. They were worth the wait! :)

  4. Great post! Looks like the wedding was awesome. And I love your cat! So cute. My car of 13yrs died earlier this year, but my dad graciously allowed me to get another (even though he hates cats). Her name is Buttercup. :)

    As a beta reader, Google Docs would be amazing! (Votes yes) And don't worry, my reading and writing were horrible this Sept.

    Apple cider or eggnog? But their both delicious! How 'bout enggnog with Apple cider donuts? :) Hoddies, and maybe tea? I only drink coffee if it has sweetner.

    1. Yeah, my dad says he only likes cats when they're barbecued with A1 sauce. ;) But he's ok with Mouser. As long as Mouser stays away from him.
      Awesome. Thanks for your input. I'll let you know when I have it up on there.

  5. Ooh ooh ooh -is one of the aforementioned beta readers- XP Well Google Docs work well for me, if you want to go that route. :D I would just up where I am. (I PROMISE I'M STILL WORKING ON THIS THING I JUST KEEP FORGETTING TO SEND CHAPTERS D: D: D: XD I'll try and send a few later today)

    1. Ok, great. I'm thinking for the most convince for everyone, that's the route I'm going to go. It'll take a few days for me to make all the changes peaople have already sent me, and then I'll send out the invites.
      You're good. ;) Take you're time. Seriously. I haven't been able to finish applying the stuff you sent me in the LAST email you sent me! >_<

    2. I do actually know how to spell convenience. Stupid autocorrect. >.<

  6. Yikes, October already! Wasn't New Years just last week?! ;)
    Aww! Your cat is ADORABLE! <3
    September was lots of fun. (See Tiffany's blog posts about that) ;)
    Ooo, hard choices...I love egg nog, AND apple cider. But since I'm feeling chilly at the moment, I'll go with some nice hot apple cider please. ;)
    I like sweaters!
    Coffee. But with lots and lots of milk and cream. Preferably a mocha actually...
    Hope you're able to finish Ocean Mist soon. I really like that one! :D

    1. Crazy, right? He is. :) I'm not a huge cat person, but Mouser is definitely cute. Thanks for your comment! :)

  7. Awww, sweet kitty. :)
    Pinterest -- YES I KNOW. My worst place of procrastination. Like last night for example. I was writing...went on my Pinterest storyboard to check something...and ended up there for like 15 minutes. -_- #writerlyproblems Haha, yeah, I couldn't spell it for the longest time either. No one says it like it's spelled!! XD
    About beta-reading... If you *do* swap to Google Docs., let me know. That does work better for me, but I'm fine with PDF if you don't swap as well. :)
    Good luck on your goals!

    (Apple cider over eggnog ANYDAY. Hoodies. And coffee. XD)

    1. #icanrelate Pinterest is terrible if you're trying to get something done! But, very helpful if you're trying to find writing inspiration. It's a tricky balance. ;)
      I think I will. You'll get an invite (hopefully) sometime next week.
      Thank you!

  8. AHHH, you read Martin Hospitality, too? That makes me happy since Abi is my critique partner. :D

    And it sounds like you've had an exciting (and crazy busy o.o) month! I can't imagine the feeling of having your sister getting married. What a bittersweet moment. <3

    // katie grace
    a writer's faith

    1. Yep. And loved every second of it. :)

      Yeah, it has been. Wonderful and sweet, but kind of sad. After all, she did have to move ALL THE WAY to Georgia. Which is like the other side of the US. :(

      Thanks for your comment! It was so nice of you to drop by. :)

  9. Awww!!! Mouser is so cute!!!! <3 <3
    I agree with you, I want summer back!!!! :'(
    But I'm in no hurry for next summer though, honest! I want the months to go by slower! ;)
    And I think time goes faster he older you get!!
    Hmm... Let's see, I'd go with cider, sweaters, though I do have a favorite orange hurry I like..... And coffee, with milk and sweetener in it of course, you if I had the option of coffee and Coco, it'd be Coco every time. ;)
    Which do you prefer?

    1. He is. <3 ;)
      Oh, I know! I'm pretty sure time is going faster than it did when I was little. However, if I count out every second in a minute, it sure seems like it's still the same ol' minute I grew up with.
      I like coffee...unless I've just come in from playing in the snow. Then it would definitely be hot cocoa. ;)

  10. Ahh, yes. Pinterest. It is SO addicting, is it not?! I have loved the ideas, recipes, and quotes I've found there. Too much fun...that's the problem. ;)

    1. Oh, you're on Pinterest? I'll have to go find you! :) I hear you. ;)


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