Friday, October 7, 2016

Wedding Pictures

I know, you're all thinking FINALLY. How long does it take to make a post full of pictures? Not long. This took me about ten minutes to put together. However, it took the photographer three weeks to get our pictures to us. So. But now, since you probably skipped all this introduction anyways (which cost me blood, sweat, and tears...) I'll go straight into pictures. Each one that isn't self-explanatory, I'll give a caption. Otherwise, enjoy! ;)

Rehearsal Night:
Laughing with friends and family after rehearing the whole ceremony beginning to end

I think this was the point when Dad said
"Jesse, you may NOT yet kiss the bride,
and I do NOT yet pronounce you man and wife."

Practicing "The Prayer" a song one of my best friends
 and I preformed during the signing of the marriage
 license and lighting of the unity candle.
The Wedding Day (Before the Ceremony):

Us, Jesse's family, and Sarah's grandparents

Sisters forever <3

I love the look of Maxwell's face. XD

Love ma sis


I love this picture. B-)
Even if it does make me look short.
My brothers, the groomsman and best man, 
are 6'3" and 6'4" respectively.

The siblings

I was applauding Sarah's cooperation
of having someone put makeup on
her and do her hair. ;P

Waiting for the ceremony to start...

There was a car coming. ;)

best friends, best sibs
The Wedding Day (During the Ceremony):
Jesse and his mom. :)

My cousins, Jubileena and Graham Olson:
Flower girl and ring bear (Graham insisted on us
calling him that instead of a boring ring bearer)
Getting ready to go down the isle. :')
Here comes the bride!!
This is my church
This is what happens when two PKs get married:
The guy's dad talks...
...and the girl's dad talks. ;P

One of my best friends and I preformed "The Prayer"
during the lighting of the Unity candle and the signing of the marriage license.

Unity candle lighting   

Signing the marriage license

This was my moment to shine during the wedding. ;)

Oh, goodness. I look so smug in this picture!
What THAT what my face was doing??

The Wedding Day (After the Ceremony):

Saying my congratulations to my sister
after we watched their slideshow.
Jesse's face... XD
Now comes the best part...FOOD ;P
Doesn't it look so delicious? Peaches, brownies, and mints.
Simple, satisfactory, and (thank goodness) no cake. ;)

Me and my bestie. <3 this girl. ^_^

Just kidding. It's lemonade. Obviously.

Hanging out with the bride, groom, and wedding party.

I leave you with this...
And they lived happily ever after. ;)


  1. Aw!!!! Lovely photos. They were worth the wait. ;) The colors were so pretty!

    1. Oh yes, definitely. I looked through them when they first arrived and I was like, "Ok Mr. Maxwell, I forgive you for taking so long." XD
      I loved the colors she chose too. That BLUE. *sighs happily*


    Ahhh, these pictures are so super gorgeous!! :D Congrats to the happy couple. <3 <3 That last cute. :)

    1. Aren't they! I just LOVED how they turned out! Huge thank you to the photographers! They did a fantastic job! :D
      Ikr? <3 I love how sweet they are together. ;)

  3. *has to comment again* The bouquets, the bridesmaids dress, and the guys ties....the color is so lovely. :) The picture in the road is just awesome. Hopefully the person in the car understood. ;)

    Btw, I read the intro. XD What? I did. I'm dead serious.

    1. Haha. XD Yes, I loved her color choice. The blue was absolutely stunning...and luckily it's a color that looks really good on me, so, yeah. ;)
      Actually, we kept having people stop the cars where we were taking pictures and yelling "Congradulations!" at us. XD It was awesome. (Sarah hated all the attention though, poor girl.)

      You DID? Wow. *is seriously impressed* Have some candy corn for the effort. ;P

    2. That...would be me. :P Someone else take the spotlight!

      *gobbles candy corn*

    3. It's a good thing Sarah isn't the kind of person who detests attention and having her picture taken (not to mention them being posted on the internet). If she was, Rebekah would be VERY glad her big sister is across the country right now...

  4. The pictures are beautiful, and I love you guys' dresses! They're gorgeous. Congrats to the happy couple. :)

  5. These were awesome photo's!! It seemed like a very lovely wedding. Congrats for your sister and her husband!

    1. Awesome. THERE'S a word that describes the pictures. :) Indeed they are...although I can take no credit for them. ;) It was a lovely wedding. I was so happy to be a part of it! ^_^

  6. Love the pictures!! I love the colors your sister choose! :-D
    You make a beautiful bridesmaid as well!!
    So glad you posted pictures!

    I'm actually going to be the second photographer at a wedding tomorrow!
    My second ever! Very excited. :-)

    So glad you got to post pictures!!

    1. Aw, thank you! I had so much fun being a bridesmaid! :)

      Wow! Post them on your blog, because I'd love to see them! That sounds like so much fun!! :D

  7. Aw, these are so lovely! Congrats to Sarah and Jesse :) I adore the delicate little desserts she chose. They're so pretty and unique! And dude your brothers are tall O.O That's crazy! Are you the only girl with truly red hair? Because it's so gorgeous! <3 Again, so happy for them! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Yeah, I was really glad she didn't do cake. Not a huge fan of the sheet cakes that are usually served at weddings.
      Ikr? 0.0 I'm pretty sure I'm going to end up the shortest one in the family...which I don't mind that much because I kind of like being short. But still. It's weird to yell orders up at your younger brother when you're frustrated with them. XD
      I am the only girl I know with natural, strawberry-blonde hair actually. Most girls (and guys for that matter) that I've met who have red hair have a dark ginger or auburn color. Which is great. But I would love to meet someone else with my color of hair. :) Thank you for liking it! I used to hate my hair when I was little, but now I wouldn't trade it for another shade if you offered me the chance to publish all my books. ;)
      You're welcome! ^_^ Thank YOU for commenting! :D

    2. Your hair looks the same color as my 1 1/2 year old niece's! And her hair curls! I don't know if the Little Miss's hair will change color as she grows older, but right now it's so pretty. (We call her Little Miss Redhead. ;) )

    3. Hopefully it won't change! Nice to know there's other strawberry blonde girls out there. ;)

  8. Hi, Rebecca!
    I found your blog on Andi's blog, and I've enjoyed reading all your posts.:) I used to live in Port orchard, and I was so surprised to find out that that's where you live! ^_^
    These pictures are amazing! There is really no other word..... ;)

    1. Hey Tirzah! I'm so glad you've been enjoying my posts! It's so sweet of you to drop by and leave a comment. :)
      You used to live in Port Orchard? Awesomeness!! That is so cool!
      Yes, they are. ;)

  9. I loved seeing all of the wedding pictures, Rebekah! :) Thanks so much for sharing!! :D
    The color of your bridesmaid dress is SO pretty!

  10. Wedding pictures are the best little things ever. :) Thank you for sharing them with us!

  11. Wow, whoa, give me a minute ... THESE ARE GORGEOUS!!! I love all your dresses, and that last picture is just so fairy-tale like. Ahhhh!!!! Beautiful, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL!
    Funny thing, when I saw what amazing pictures your photographer had taken, I looked him up and realized he has taken pictures at a couple of our friend's weddings! He did an amazing job!
    Though, I have to ask . . . since he lives in Kansas City, how did you guys find him and get him all the way up to WA? ;)
    But amazing, awesome pictures! Thank you sooo much for posting them!! ^_^

    1. Glad you liked them. ;) Well, actually, we knew his wife before we ever knew him, and she was a very close friend of ours. Back in the day, she babysat us (I know, tell me about it...and she still LIKED us after that!) either by herself or with her younger brother. She was even at Marta and William's births! When she met Christopher and they moved to where he came from, we kept in touch.
      We knew he was a photographer, and when we offered him the job at Sarah's wedding, he gave us a better price. And thankfully, he was already planning on coming up to WA for a photographers conference or something like that, so we didn't have to pay airfare. Which was nice. :)
      You're so welcome. :D

  12. Wow, look at these cute wedding shots!! These are heart throbbing. I also want to have unique pink wedding. We just reserved one of prettiest Los angeles wedding venues and now looking for other vendors within our budget. Do you have any recommendations?

    1. I'm afraid I don't. As a bridesmaid, I didn't help with any of the logistics. Thank you for your sweet comment though, and I hope your wedding is wonderful!!! :) Congratulations!


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