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The Princess & I Blog Tour: RELEASE DAY!!!

(Out of compassion I'm setting this blog post to be released at midnight exactly so you early birds--and my dear friends across the world where it's already Saturday--will see this sooner. Goes to show what a nice author I am. :P)
*crashes through ceiling in explosion of glitter*
*hands out chocolate and ice cream cones*
It's here. The day is here. My beloved story is available to the world. I'm excited...don't get me wrong...but this is kind of scary too. I mean, people are going to READ MY BOOK. Who wouldn't feel a little nervous about that? 
Now is the moment when I sort of panic inside hoping my editors have caught all the typos, and that the format doesn't get messed up somehow...not to mention checking and double checking my "thank you" page to make sure I haven't forgotten anyone. 
But...despite all of my forebodings, I'm still going to follow through with this and give you the links to where you can find my book. 
Lulu Bookstore* (my book is on a 25% sale there until it comes out on Amazon and Barnes & Noble as a peace offering for not reading all the terms and conditions. *looks into sky and whistles innocently*)

*(Note from the editor: As it turns out, my book WON'T be available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble for another six to eight WEEKS. O.o Sorry guys. I totally understand if you don't get my book until then...I will tell you when I see it on there. Inconveniences of self-publishing. -_-)
*nervously bites fingernails* Ok, guys. The rest is up to you! At some point in the near future I'm going to host a book signing at my local library, so if any of you are nearby you're welcome to attend that and wait to buy a signed copy! (Also, I may be doing a giveaway on Goodreads soonish...but not totally sure about that yet so don't take my words and use them against me later. :P)
Be sure to also go to Alea Harper and Hanne T's blogs for the final interview and spotlight. *wipes away tears* 
No one warned me about the bitter-sweet moment that happens when you complete a blog tour. 
It's been a journey. 
(Quite a long one, in fact, if you think about the time when I STARTED this crazy story.)
There have been both struggles and triumphs, small and large, in the whole process. I've dealt with writer's block, plot holes, and strange things that ended up in my story...I'm not sure how. 'Cause I'm almost positive that it wasn't ME. Editing was both a headache (when isn't it, really?) and a joy (because my editors were fabulous <3). I learned SO MUCH during this book I'd never be able to tell you about it all in a single blog post. (Hence the "Life of an Author" posts I'm going to do on here. ;) 
"The Princess and I" taught me so much...not just in becoming a better writer (I hope) but also in other things. There were real struggles in that story that I went through myself. The writing process was challenging even as it was enjoyable. I almost, almost started crying during the writing of a certain part of the story (some of you can give an educated guess at which part that was). Later, after Lemuel Houston's death, I reread that section and actually did start crying...because I could relate to it so much better. 
That's my hope for you all. I want you to be able to pick up my story and find a character (not necessarily the main character) and find that you can relate to them, or sympathize with them. I wanted the story to be as real to my audience as fiction can possibly be. And I want it to bring glory to my God. 
I have been asked by a couple different people what my plans for the future are. (I know, my favorite question EVER. *voice drips in sarcasm*) 
"Do you have any plans for future books?"
"Will we be seeing the characters of The Princess and I again soon?"
"Any ideas for a sequel?"
So far, my answer has been "I don't know yet", "We'll have to see", "Maybe...", etc. I've hmmed and hahed. I've tried to skillfully avoid the question many different ways. And, in all honesty, when I answered the questions at first, I really didn't have any idea for another book. 
But...*cue dramatic music*
Inspiration struck. *cue thunder and lightening bolt sound* 
Those of you who follow me on Pinterest MAY have seen a sudden influx in Medieval characters appear in your feeds or on my character's list...because I got an idea. 
It came to me in a far more sudden fashion than "The Princess & I" did. (It was during my Dad's Wednesday night sermon. Don't ask why it came during a sermon. I have no idea.) 
Due to spoilers for the first book, I won't give you the basic plot line (that and the fact that being me, the plot will change completely by the time I actually get around to writing it) but, as a teaser, I WILL give you the working titles which are...

Wait for it....


Can't bring this information on you too suddenly or you might have heart failure or something....

Ok, ok, I'm sensing some tense vibes in the air...


The King's Cousin

(The) Cousin of a King


My King, My Cousin

So...what do you all think?
Which one is your favorite of the three I gave you?
Are you excited to see the old characters again? (And meet some new ones?)
Feel free to give me some ideas for settings (maybe less land, more water?), or characters (who do you want to be in it? First person, or third person?). I'm totally open to anything right now.
To those of you who have read my story, is there anything (or anyone) you want to see in this new book? 
I have a few other books I'm working on completing the writing part of right now (including getting another book ready for publication) so who knows when I'll actually end up sitting down and writing this one...but if the demand is high enough, maybe I'll feel motivated and get it started sooner. B-) Just a thought.

Well. It's come to this. I'm going to shamelessly advertise my book all across the web until you buy the sooner you do so, the sooner I'll stop bugging you. ;) 
Reviews are worth their weight in gold to authors, myself included. I'm a huge fan of honest reviewers, so please...if you HAVE read my book, I would LOVE it if you left one for my story on any of the sites I gave in the beginning of this blog post. (Have fun scrolling back up through my ramblings to find them again. :P) 
One last thing...remember my friend Jesseca from Whimsical Writings is ALSO releasing a book today! While you're looking for my story, be sure to check out her story too...because I can tell you her book is worth it.
In fact, tomorrow I'm giving you all a spotlight AND an author interview with this amazing young lady and her beautiful book as a part of HER blog tour that's going on right now. 
So, until tomorrow then! Hope you all have a fantastic day! May your wifi be strong, your internet fast, and your book searching successful. :D 
(Despite my book not being on Amazon or Barnes & Noble...grrrrr. Still upset at myself about that. Ugh.)


  1. YAYAYAYAY!!!! SO awesome and exciting!!! :D We need to celebrate. Here *throws chocolate* Lots and lots of it for you!

    1. I KNOW, RIGHT??? *gobbles chocolate*

  2. Eekkkkkk!!!! :D Congrats a million times on your book release, Rebekah!! :D


    (but I can't tell you how many story ideas I've gotten during my dad's sermons xD)

  4. Yay, Rebekah! The day has finally arrived! Congrats a thousand times over! Super excited to see your writing getting out there! If I lived in Washington, I would definitely need to come to your library signing. :) I really like the title "The King's Cousin." It has a good ring to it. Looking forward to hearing more about this project! Congratulations again!

    1. *bounces excitedly* Eeeep!! So excited!!

  5. Congratulations!!!!! You must be so excited! I am eager to read the story! Have a wonderful day celebrating the release! ;P

  6. YAYYAYYAY!!! I'm so honored to be a part of your blog tour! Congratulations!!

    1. It was awesome having you help out! Thanks so much!! :D :D :D

  7. Congratulations, Rebekah!!! :D I'm super excited to read your book! :)

  8. Yeah! A sequel! My Cousin the King? I know that wasn't an option, but. . .

  9. Congratulations girly!! (YES another very late comment...I promise I read all the posts as they came out and cheered for you, lol)... I LOVE the cover, by the way, it is so beautiful! ;) *sigh* I need to get your book soon. ;)


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