Wednesday, August 23, 2017

21 Answers to the Question: What is Your Dream Job?

I haven't done one of these in a loooong time. Sorry about that. For those of you who have been waiting anxiously for the next 21 Answers you go! :)

I present to you now, without further ado... *drum roll*

~21 Answers to the Question: What is Your Dream Job?~

1: Retirement.

2: Putting an end to vague, open-ended questions.

3: Sitting on my porch in a rocking chair, watching the grass grow.

4: The Princess Bride at 1:18:37-42 (Look for this moment next time you watch The Princess Bride, guys. B-)

5: Getting paid for what other people are doing.

6: I'm living the dream right now! I already got my dream job.

7: Being a super villain. (You could accompany this with an evil chuckle if you want'd make the reaction more interesting.)

8: Being the sidekick in a comedy show.

9: Taste-testing new candy bars. (Or anything delicious, really.)

10: Is there a way I could get paid to read books?

11: Coming up with 21 Answers to life's biggest this one.

12: Becoming a famous author. (I might as well throw this one in...I mean, come on!)

13: Something that will have a positive impact on the world.

14: As a friend, I just thought I'd let you know that there's a piece of something green between your two front teeth.

15: Learning to fly. Literally a job you dream about.

16: Being a perfect parent one day...also a literally a dream job.

17: Saving the world.

18: Inventing solar powered air conditioning. (Shout out to my younger sister, Tabitha who actually dreamed that she had done this.)

19: I hate this question.

20: I'm tired of answering this question.


Which answer was your favorite? Any answers that you've given to people that you didn't see up there? If so, share them in a comment!! :)

Tune in next time for 21 Answers to the Question: What's Your Book About?

Until next time, let everything you do be done for the glory of God!


  1. Love it. Also: what's the Princess Bride moment? I don't have it available XD

    1. I'll give you a hint: "Mahwage..."

    2. Oh my, yes, it's perfect. XD

    3. I started laughing so hard at #14.

    4. @Abigail P.
      Isn't it, though? XD Glad you enjoyed. ;)

  2. I like Tabitha's answer best. And the other "literal" answers are pretty funny too. ;)

    1. I appreciated her help on that one...I was beginning to run out of ideas, and that one sent me through the finish line. :)

  3. My favorites were #9, #10, #12 #19, and #20! Thanks Rebekah!<3

    1. Yep, those ones are good. ;) Thanks for stopping by my blog! Welcome! :D


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