Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Vacation, Graduation, and Lessons in Adulting

WHY? My favorite season is almost over! Sunshine, flip-flops, vacations, extra time with friends...its all coming to an end in one short month. *distant sobbing* I don't even feel like giving you a decent introduction to this post so HERE have the title picture instead and just keep reading while I go off into a corner and mourn the thought that summer is leaving us soon.

Oh, where to start. Well, first of all, I was so busy that I never got around to the June monthly recap, so I'm doing a double header today. That in itself tells you all a little about how my life has been. I guess we'll start with June. Ready?
So proud of this dude! :D
Da 456 Gang rides again! ;P
That month started off with my younger brother graduating from high school along with two of his friends. Boy, nothing makes you feel old like having a younger sibling achieve a milestone like that!
The very next week our family loaded ourselves into our big white van and headed down to Eastern Washington for our church's summer family camp.

Have I mentioned how GOOD Columbia River Guest Ranch food is?

Our family preformed the play "The Ugly Ducking" by A. A. Milne. If you haven't heard of or read that play...go. and. read. it. NOW.

Scattergories. Poor Grace. XD

Paddle boating, being dumped into the Columbia river WITHOUT any say in the matter by two friends, riding down a slide made out of bumpy black tubing, hide and seek tag in the dark, volleyball, ping pong, swimming, running around buildings and throwing balls over the top, Scattergories and Apples to Apples late into the night, fresh early mornings to read our Bible and escape the heat of the day, foosball, pool...I could go on for a lot longer. But, to keep this post within reason, let me just sum it up: it was SO MUCH FUN. And, I didn't get burnt to a crisp OR eaten alive by the bountiful amount of mosquitos, which means it was a success. ;)
The hat store...always a fun photo opp. :D

I think some of us may have had too much sugar. *cough*
On the way back, we stopped at Leavenworth (along with two other families that we're really close too) and went around that town shopping and eating ice cream. Two of my favorite things to do! XD
Some of the families from church, including us, also went down and spent the day at Enchanted Village/Wild Waves. Basically the only amusement park we have in Washington. ;) That was a ton of fun. For the first time in my life, I actually did some of the water slides they had there. THAT was...quite the experience. :P

Our weekly summer activities started off with our Field & Fellowship and Volleyball & S'mores happening every Tuesday morning and Sunday night after the evening service respectively.

These two cuties are my job.
If I had a dream job, this would be it! :D
I started doing my new nanny/babysitter job with the two little girls on a regular, weekly basis. This oppretunity has been gallons of fun and excitement since I've also been keeping an eye on the family's three dogs and two horses. Let's just say I'm kept on my toes. ;P

My Eddy grandparents celebrated their 50th anniversary! So privileged to have these two as an example. :)

This is before we painted and pulled carpet.

This is after. (The floor is now painted, fyi)

My two little brothers pulling up staples.
To top it all off, us kids had a room remodel. Or, to be more accurate a ROOMS remodel. Like, it started with us girls' room being repainted and having the wallpaper and carpet removed...then morphed into us switching bedrooms with the boys, and them getting our freshly painted room. (Not that I'm bitter about this or anything. ;P) It all worked out though. Us older girls ended up with the bigger room while the older boys and younger boys split the two smaller rooms (which had been what us girls were doing) and everything is sort of getting back to normal. I don't have to do my hair and make-up on my knees in front of a mirror propped up against the wall waiting to be hung, for example. :P

This month started with a wedding. Our family is very good friends with another pastor's family in Bremerton, and their oldest daughter got married and now lives with her new husband in Canada! :) 

The fourth of July happened. That was exciting. I love sparklers. ;) We actually blew some things up. I'm not kidding. Also, just a quick shout out to my adorable cousin who is posing in the picture above. Could we just take a moment to appreciate his cuteness? XD

On a sadder note, the following week we said our goodbyes to a different friend, my brother's best friend, who is going to college in Colorado now at the Air Force Academy. 

Things began going down hill after that...
-- My car broke down and ended up costing a lot more to fix then I had thought it would. 
-- A dear woman who had been fighting cancer for over three years went to meet her Savior.
-- I had no time to write or read anything except school work during Camp NaNo.
HOWEVER. Good news, guys. Don't stop reading now!
-- My car works now! (And it's so awesome having my own wheels again, I tell you!) 
Matilyn's fifth birthday party! :)
-- My oldest young charge had her fifth birthday!

This beautiful beach... <3

Some are born selfie takers,
some achieve selfieness,
some have selfies thrust upon them.

Not sure if this was a giant
hammock or not...but we treated it like one! ;P

Found this beautiful stuff at my new
favorite shop in Port Gamble. ;)


Reader, writer, musician. Also a giant teddy bear?
I named him Pancake.

Just the necessities, right? :)

Yes, we had a hot tub. BE JEALOUS.
So glad we could all make the trip and spend time with these awesome grandparents! :) We are so blessed!
-- Our family and the Eddy grandparents were able to go down to Quilcene, WA where we stayed in a lodge and had a week to celebrate my youngest brother's eighth birthday. Kayaking, seal-sightings, and enough time for me to actually get some decent progress in books I was in middle of reading AND writing. (More on that later.) Also, I discovered my new favorite shop in Port Gamble. Scottish fudge, guys. SCOTTISH FUDGE. Need I say more? *endless fangirling*

-- Last month ended with another birthday party, a wedding, and me completing my freshman year of college!! *cue confetti and the whole works* 

So yes, the last two months were crazy busy and kind of sad and depressing at points...but God is good. He gave me subtle encouragements either through friends or small accomplishments that kept me going and kept me smiling. :) I can't wait to see what August holds! :D

Guys. I actually kind of got something done this month! Not really enough to record in Camp NaNo (for one because I had no time to update my profile so #ifailedsortof) but I got a ton of brainstorming and outlining done for my book "A New Name"! At the last week of July, I had about 12,000 words written...by the end of the month? 20,000, people! Yes, you read that right! "A New Nane" has been by far the most challenging book for me to write, but it has been so much fun, and well worth the effort I've put into it. I can't wait to share some snippets with you all and spread my excitement! :D Coming soon, I promise! ;) 

*cough* Well, I'm counting college class books in the mix because otherwise my reading would look a little ridiculous. BUT. I have started some delightful stories that I hope to finish in the short break between college tests. Here's some titles and pictures of the covers I could find. 
Official CLEP Study Guide for College Composition
REA Study Guide for College Composition
The English Handbook
Handbook of Grammar and Composition
Ace the CLEP: Technical Writing

Image result for lost in the pacific 1942Image result for London in the Dark Victoria Lynn

For the two cover pictures, reviews to come on Goodreads and Amazon. ;)

It's going pretty well. Some of my wonderful team have finished, and there's a lot of work for me to do, but I'm hoping to have "Ocean Mist" ready for the public by the end of this year! *crosses fingers* Also, be in the lookout for beta-reader sign ups for "Alice & Alyssa"...that is coming up soon as well. ;) 


These were all found in various shops around Port Gamble.

Me. In four magnets. XD

#writer :P

Goals Reached:
1: Read 5+ books
IF you count college books, then yes, I completed this goal! *fist pump* Whoohoo! Go me! ;P
2: Write five chapters in "A New Name"
YES I DID IT, I DID IT!!! I was on a roll! Hopefully I can recreate that roll this month. ;)
3: Write five essays
Thanks to my College Composition CLEP, I did that much and MORE. ;) I think I wrote a total of ten or eleven essays for that test.
4: Finish outlining "The King's Cousin" and "Silent Voices"
Nope. But I started outlining...which is sometimes the hardest part for me. ;)
5: Begin editing "Ocean Mist"
Double thumbs up on this one. I certainly BEGAN...I just need to CONTINUE at this point.
6: Finish a short story
Sadly, no. It was a good thought, though, right?
Goals for August:
1: Write five chapters in "A New Name"
2: Read 5+ books
3: Visit the Scottish/Irish/English store in Port Gamble again
4: Write a poem/compose a song
5: Finish surviving my eighteenth year! ;) 

So, now it's YOUR turn! (If you haven't already posted your end of the month post. ;) How has your summer been so far? Any family vacations? If so, where'd you go? 
Truthfully now...have you missed me posting on here more often? ;P


  1. Wow sounds like you had a busy summer so far!! Honestly I think the older I get the faster time goes by!

    1. Yes, I have. Busy, but incredible. :) I know! I feel the same way! XD

  2. I just want to say that I'm sure what ever my word was in scattergories it was...logical. *cough* I really like the picture of us in the hats...though my favorite one is my SASQUATCH hat. :P We had fun. :)

    1. Well... *cough* no comment.
      IT WAS A GORILLA, I'M TELLING YOU! But yes we did have fun. :P

  3. Wow, it sounds like you've been having a packed, but still productive summer! Congrats on finishing your first year of college!

    1. That's one way to put it. XD Aw, thank you! ^_^

  4. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE "The Ugly Duckling"! :)

    1. YAAASSS ME TOO. XD It's awesome to find another enthusiast.

  5. Congrats on doing SO well in college, Rebekah! :D And writing 'A New Name' and editing your other books. *high five*
    Your vacation looks like it was epic. :P SCOTTISH FUDGE?! *the Scottish/Irish in me erupts* NICE. xD Also, we went on vacation to NC and they had a Celtic shop! It was soo cool. They had Celtic myth books and stuff- and also could find your last name in the database. 0-0
    God bless!
    -Ang | thepeculiarmessenger.wordpress.com

    1. Thank you so much! ^_^ *high fives ya back*
      YES I KNOW, RIGHT??!!? *flails endlessly* Oh, man, that sounds awesome! When and if I ever go to NC I'll definitely check it out! ;)


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