Monday, June 24, 2013

Our Family Hike

A couple of days ago, our family went on a hike with some people from church. This included: The Asa's, (without Madi) :(, David Hageman, (brother of Daniel Hageman of Ethiopia fame) Aaron Hageman, (brother of Natalie Hageman of Ethiopian fame). Sorry for the confusion, we have a lot of Hageman's in our church. :) Any ways, we had a really fun time seeing God's handiwork and having some fellowship with church family at the same time! :D I took some pictures, so I'll let you all see my favorites. Have fun reading about our experience! :)
Stop #1: The River Bridge
My little sister Tabitha posing on the River Bridge, our first stop for photos
My other little sister Marta also posing for me. :)
Some beautiful water photos
I thought this shot was especially pretty with the leaves giving the photo an extra zing.
                   My oldest brother, Andrew, took this picture, so that I could prove that I was actually on the hike.
Gracie Asa said that I could post this picture of her. Bless her!

                                                              More Beautiful water shots

Stop #2: Lunch at a Waterfall

 Sam, cute as ever, willing as ever, posing in front of the waterfall we stopped for lunch at.
 My brother David showing Gracie Asa and Sami Asa something interesting on the other side of the bridge.
                                                      The waterfall we had lunch at.
                                                                More rushing water...

The Final and third stop: A Hike Finished with an even more cool Waterfall.

 Hiking on a barely visible trail led by Aaron showing the way and David hacking branches and limbs off with his machete earning himself the new nickname, "Machete Man". :)

                              This was a big rock that several of us kids made a slide out of.
Everyone in single file making our way to our destination: a waterfall and snow! :D
                                               The foreboding mountains looming over us.
 My oldest siblings, Andrew and Sarah letting me take pictures of them at the top of a large rock.

 The Hiking group visiting on the top of a rock dubbed by me, "Destination in view, Oh the Joy!"
                        Waterfalls coming down the mountains showing that summer is here!!
                                             Resting on rocks by the side of our destination.
                                                              Another Water Picture
 Grace and Blake Asa and my brother David, climbing in the snow right above the waterfall.
                                                   This is a photo of most of our group.
 Ahh, more ice-cold mountain water. (which, BTW, felt really good after a long, hot hike in the sunshine.)
 Tabitha, posing for me one more time before we went back through the trail, and drove home.


 Before I stop, I have one more thing to say: Madison Asa was unable to come on our hike, and we missed her very much... :( MISSED YOU MADI!!! :( :( :(





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