Thursday, July 4, 2013

July 1st: Day One of our Family's Leavenworth Trip

Well, today was the first day of our family's trip to Leavenworth Washington. Marta's eight-year-old birthday was in April, and it is a family's tradition to have a big family vacation sometime during the year of the certain eight-year-old birthday. So, this was why we went to Leavenworth along with Grandma and Grandpa Eddy, my Dad's parents.
The guys...

...and the girls
Of, course, this being the first day, it was mostly traveling, but we did stop at a shopping mall outlet in North Bend and I bought a really pretty, long skirt.
We finished shopping, and had lunch in the same town at Los Cabos, a Mexican restaurant, and I ordered their Super Nacho's, which were delicious. (no surprise there, right?) Marta got a free dessert on account that it was her birthday. Guess what the dessert was...fried ice cream. Interesting? Yeah...
Once lunch was over...more travelling...*sigh*. We did finally get to the Lodge, and unpacked quickly, leaving the rest of the afternoon and evening to relaxation and visiting. I played Maxwell my younger, (although taller), brother a game of pool, and won! (BTW, I wouldn't have won except for the fact that he accidentally hit the eight ball in before it was time :). Alright, I'd better go, since tomorrow is going to be our shopping day!!!! (and I love shopping!!!)

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