Thursday, July 4, 2013

July 2nd: Day Two of our Family's Leavenworth Trip dawned bright, clear, and very hot! (when I say hot, I mean at least 97 degrees F.) Today was our day for shopping, so as soon as breakfast, showers, and cleanup-after-breakfast, was finished, we gathered in the living room, got into our van, (Grandma and Grandpa decided to stay at the Lodge for some rest.), and drove to Leavenworth. We stopped at several different shops, including, a fudge shop,

a cheese shop, 
David Clayton in front of the cheese display

the Australian Store,
I tried on one of the hat's. (it was HEAVY!)

Marta, looking at knives and cards.
 a candy shop,

I see you, William! Don't even think about it!

The candy shop...yum!
a couple different hat shops,
and a toy store.
                                                                     Max at the toy store
                                                            Tabitha at the toy store
                                                       Tabitha again... choices, choices
A wall of...HORSES!!!! :)

I got a horse hat and horse mug at the Australian Store, and a bag of candy at the candy shop. We stopped for lunch at a bakery, and everyone ordered fresh pretzels, and dipped them in cheese sauce. (this was very tasty, thank you Mom and Dad!)After exhausting ourselves with shopping, Dad and us three older girls, (Sarah, Margaret, and I), went to Starbucks and ordered cold coffee. It was so refreshing.
Me at Starbucks, waiting for our coffee.

Looks good, huh?
 Mom picked us up with the van, and we went back to the lodge.
Later in the day, we sampled the fudge and cheese Dad bought, and it was really, really good. Dinner was soon after that, and dinner was grilled chicken for the adults, and hamburgers for the kids. Yum!! :) Once dinner was finished, our family did a little "grandparents appreciation" thingy, and all of us kids shared something about our grandparents that we were thankful for. Oh! One more thing before I go, tomorrow is our horseback riding day!!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!! :D See y'all then, Bye! :)

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