Friday, July 5, 2013

July 3rd: Day Three of our Family Leavenworth Trip

Today was the day we got to go horseback riding!!! I was, (and am still), excited!! I LOVE HORSES!!!!! (In case you hadn't noticed that before... :P)  So, after a delicious breakfast of waffles, we went out to our ride.

Doesn't that look good?
Do we look ready or what?
The tail was beautiful, and my horse, Moon, (named for the star on his forehead being in the shape of a crescent moon), was a very good horse and did exactly what I asked of him.

 Me on my horse, Moon
We had a fun trail guide, who's name was John, who had been professionally working with horses for 15 years. It was nice to be able to talk with a real horse expert. My horse had one bad habit, he liked to eat, so he was trying to get a snack in every five feet or so. Thankfully, he stopped it as soon as I asked him to, so I didn't have to do anything drastic. The ride did eventually end, (sadly), and we all said goodbye to our horses. Oh, I almost forgot! Here are the names of all the horses and who rode them:
Dad: William
Dad on William, a massive, muscular draft horse

Maxwell: Honey and Tabitha: Jupiter
Marta: Snickers and David: Pal
The Guide: Cherokee
And of course, I was riding Moon.
After that main event, we spent the rest of the morning and afternoon with more resting and visiting. Dad, Mom, Grandma, and Grandpa all went out for dinner that night, so us kids had mac & cheese for dinner, and watched a movie until they came back. When they did, David, Max and I walked down to where the horses were pastured, and watched them graze for an hour.
The big wagon horses

the other horses
One of the big horses came right up to me and we did a little staring contest. I must have won, because it hadn't been standing there for two minutes when it just turned around and walked away to continue grazing.
So I got to spend my evening in my favorite way, with family and horses! :)  On the way back to the Lodge, we stopped at a little bridge,
I had some fun with my camera, taking pictures of myself,
A self taken picture

"What is THAT??"

Oh, quick, pose for the camera!!
and of David, my younger brother.
"Oh, yeah, I am so cool."
Well, tomorrow we go home, but we're stopping at a creation museum on our way, so I'll keep you all posted! G'bye! :)

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